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Ideas for Mods


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I have like zero skill left in programming having stopped in high school after learning Basic and FORTRAN. I know it makes me seem really only but I am in my 30's lol 

Any way I have this idea for a fallout 4 mod where you turn it into a more of a proper survival horror game either fallout 3 or 4 would work three has the aliens already coded but four has a lot more potential. My idea is that you get one settlement 30 people in it and you have 5 days to find reasources, build defenses and prepare....

After the 5 days are up Aliens and monsters start spawning trying to kill everyone. It could work really well set in far harbor I had a similar experience when I deliberately kept the fog generators off. The game spawns more and more and seemingly harder and harder waves of monsters it was a lot of fun. Perhaps such a mod already exists in some form. However I know a lot of people were a bit disapointed with fallout 4's base defense part of the game. A mod or side story centered completely around it might be a fun project. 

If anyone is interested in helping make such a thing or talking about it post a comment or email me at [email protected] 

God Bless and no matter what have fun in post Apocaliptia 

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Wrong section, old boy. What you need to do is go here: https://forums.nexus...4-mod-requests/ for Fallout 4 mod requests.


But you may be better off learning the trade and modding it yourself like the others have. The reasons are that modders are already busy making mods that they like or playing the game. Mod ideas are a dime a dozen and people are too wrapped up in their own affairs to work for somebody else. Mods aren't really hard to make but they do take time. Sometimes a simple retexture might get made, but the more ambitious a mod gets the more likely it won't get noticed. Also people figure that if you are not interested in making your mod then why should they show interest. Don't lose hope as there are quite a large number of people here ready to stand up and help you build your mod if you decide to go through with it.


I have notified a Moderator to move your request to the proper section. Bonne Chance!!



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