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DA:O Noob's First Playthrough (Spoilers Allowed)

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Did anyone else notice that you can fight Uldred a second time after "Broken Circle" is complete?  I came back to Circle Tower some long time after killing him.  Swept thru the 4 floors, looking for anything I missed.  He was back in the Harrowing Chamber again (alone).  When he died, he dropped the same loot again.



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*nods* Yep, that's a known bug.


I encountered it when misplaced the Cinderfel Gauntlets during one playthrough, and thought I might have forgotten to loot Uldred before returning to Greagoir... went back to the Harrowing Chamber and found Uldred had re-spawned. :-/




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Old thread, I know, but I just wanted to offer some additional info for anyone who comes by trying to decide how to order the other campaigns.


Leliana's Song is a prequel in that it covers her background.  Completing a collection in that campaign awards a powerful leather armor that is then available in Origins and Awakening as well.


Just thought I'd mention it.



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IMO, playing LS before the main campaign would lead to confusion.

One would have no context for the events, no real understanding of the relationships, and would have a very different view of Leliana (than the devs intented) when one finally does get to Lothering.

(Same, though less importantly so, for GoA.)

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