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Bounty Hunter game mode idea

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A modified form of Hero Hunt. The 4 Bounty Hunters hunt 1 Rebel Hero. While the Bounty Hunters are unaided by any Imperials the Hero can be aided by Rebel soldiers. This makes the game 4 versus 1-4. Rebel Soldiers can respawn  but their respawn time increases with each death they suffer. Bounty Hunters win when they defeat the Hero. Heroes win if they reach the transport to escape. Bounty Hunters can compete against each other for the credit of Hero's capture, in other words friendly fire among the hunters. Hunters get credit for damage inflicted on the rebels and the Hero with a bonus given to the BH that deals the most damage.

1. Maps need to be BIG so the boundaries need to be extended  as far as will logically and aesthetically possible.
2. Hero spawns far away from the escape transport.
3. Supporting Rebels spawn in scattered positions at the start of the map and must also find the Hero to protect he or she.
4. Bounty Hunters spawn in various places throughout the map along the outer edge and must find the Hero as they are en route to the transport. 
5. Cool down for all Bounty Hunter and Hero cards are drastically increased to prevent spamming. 
6. Rebel Soldiers will all be assigned uniforms befitting the environment. 
7. Hero and BH sprint speeds are decreased so that matches are not shortened, with the exception of Chewie since he already runs slower.
8. Upon reaching the landing zone the Hero  will have to wait for the transport to arrive. 
9. When Bounty Hunters health is fully depleted they do not respawn and must spectate.
10. Maps would have to be based on the Walker Assault size maps with boundaries increased.

These matches could go any direction. Fast paced races, slug fests, camp and ambush, bait and switch. I see the heroes hauling ass to the landing zone to activate the transport for rescue then hiding off to the side hoping not to be found. I see the BH fighting among themselves as the Hero slips by. I see the rebels creating a defensive screen to shield the hero as they run for transport. 

It would be fun and the BH are my favorite characters to be. 

Of course a reverse mode could be made with 4 Heroes hunting Vader or the Emperor and them having escorting troopers to protect them.  



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that sounds awesome!

that'd be a real overhaul project.


maybe you're a fan already of ARMA 6 or CS:GO etc...

because this sounds like "rescue the VIP" modes from those games.


so, "escape the bounty hunters" etc... that'd be awesome!

and, 4LOM and Zuckuss are in the game files already, so, you could add them.

C3PX could be interesting for strategy,

same with customizable astromechs and all...


no doubt, it is far beyond my modding abilities

(I dabble in FO4 mods collabs mostly, so there's no way I could do stuff based on Battlefront hehe)

though, I'd second that to see more done with it.


it'd be awesome with AI and destructible terrain and all.

that way, you can use more strategy.

those dang stupid 'I win" uber cards are annoying, but they're how that game plays.

by the same token, if you cut out the asymmetric card-spamming,

then it might become an annoying melee spam fest...




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