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Some kind of mod to spare Loghain without losing Alistair (and not necessarily recruiting both) or simply not making super mad.

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Basically, I would like some help finding a mod that either:


a) Spare Loghain without losing Alistair

b) Spare Loghain and recruit him without supremely pissing off Alistair (he would still leave to become King should you do the required actions)


Option b) would only require dialogue tweaks so is more likely to exist but I couldn't find any on the main site.



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There is no such mod. Nor, given how much time has passed since release without such a mod, is there ever likely to be one.




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If you spare Loghain while making Alistair king (via marriage to Anora), he'll be angry and you won't see him until the post-coronation.  If Loghain is sacrificed to kill the Archdemon, Alistair will concede you did the right thing and "all is good", in his words, so technically in that respect, you can already do what you're asking.  It does allow you to play with Loghain until close to the end and Alistair won't think you suck at the end, but you can't get Loghain to actually be alive at the post-coronation without Alistair pissed off at you ("I don't think we have much to say to one another").



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You could do like I always do.  I kill loghain at the landsmeet, turn down the dark ritual (i don't like my guys sleeping with anyone but me...i'm faithful, they better be too!), then i take alistair with me for the final onslaught to the point of just before transitioning to the rooftop.  i do my cheat code to open the party picker, set alistair out of the part, then use the cheat to add loghain.  alistair still loves me in the end.  yay!




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Podrías hacer lo que siempre hago. Mato a loghain en el Landsmeet, rechazo el ritual oscuro (no me gusta que mis muchachos se acuesten con nadie más que yo ... ¡soy fiel, es mejor que lo sean también!), Luego llevo alistair conmigo para el ataque final hasta el punto justo antes de la transición a la azotea. Hago mi código de trucos para abrir el selector de fiestas, establezco un alistair fuera de la parte, luego uso el truco para agregar loghain. Alistair todavía me ama al final. ¡Hurra!


You are an Evil I really like your way of thinking hahahaha  :laugh:  :laugh:  :laugh:  :laugh:  :laugh:

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