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Skyrim Sky texture glitching

sky glitch

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Hi someone can help me with that? I supposed this was EFLX, i uninstalled it and it was even more f***ed up, even if i uninstall my ENB, or Vivid Weathers etc the glitch stays...








Please help :/


PROBLEM SOLVED : I just deleted all files from ELFX, then deleted skyrimprefs.ini from launcher folder, and skyrim.ini, skyrimprefs.ini from my games/Skyrim Special Edition/

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Hi someone can help me with that? 


Please help :/




Hey, I'm very late to this party it seems but I can't see the screens and I would like to know if it's the same problem I'm facing right now on a fresh install, before I try your solution! You wouldn't happen to still be around, or still have that issue? I'll try to describe it for good measure;


Visible sky box seams and low resolution purple hued clouds, that do seem made this way IE it doesn't look like broken textures but intentional bad design.




If it helps any, here is my set up; SSD, I9 9900K, 2080 Ti

Mods I use that alter weather, clouds, possibly the sky :

Wonders of Weather
Lightning During ThunderStorms(Minty)
Vivid Clouds and Fogs
Morning Fogs Re
True Storms
Realistic Water Two
SMIM and Skyrim HD
Sounds Of Skyrim Complete LE

...And of course all their compatibility patches that I needed. I've followed instructions to the letter as well.

ENB : 4Chromatic by Slothability

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IPB skins by Skinbox
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