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NiSourceTexture errors

construction set extender nisourcetexture error

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Could somebody please tell me what actually causes NiSourceTexture error when generating Landscape LOD in CSE?
So far I've found smoothing out ground mesh tears fix this but I have a quad where that does not seem to be working.

This is what I am trying to do...

1. Generate LandscapeLOD for Inventory Map.
2. Delete or globally replace what I don't want drawn on ground LOD.
3. Generate the actual LandscapeLOD files.

The strange thing is that step 1 worked for all quads but only after repairs in each quad.
In each case the tears were along borders, all underwater at default ground mesh height (I had never edited these cells).

When step 3 failed on one of the quads I restored the backup esm from before 1.
Repeating step 2 and 3 for that quad did not work.
That was despite systematically going over the entire map to smooth out any ground mesh at default height.

If nothing else, it generated 255 partials and I can make the missing one.
Could somebody please tell me if there is software that will stitch them?

Before anyone suggests TES4LL or equivalent, here is why I am determined to use the CSE textures, even if it requires manually assembling the partials.
The red line is where CSE would normally draw the top of the wall.

The CSE quads and the TES4LL one are all 2048x2048



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It would wait till 1/3 through manually assembling the partials :wallbash:

I'd tried rebooting but this time killed some processes such as updates.


That was a lot of 'assumption' and guess work which I don't like.
The fact that it ran is coincidental for all I know.


I'd still like to know what causes the error.

I could have sworn that I've used something to assemble partials but it was years ago.

If anyone knows how to stitch them I may well need it.

Even after release I will be adding more villages, possibly towns for further quests.



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Having made some changes I need to generate landscape lod again.
CSE refuses to generate 1 of the quads with the following error...

[CSE]    CreateOffscreenPlainSurface/GetRenderTargetData failed for partial 256!
[CSE]    Bad NiSourceTexture for partial 256!
[CSE]    Generated 256 partial diffuse map(s) in total

...does anyone have any suggestions on how to troubleshoot this please?

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