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Near total star wars conversion

star wars xcom mods conversion

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Ive seen some incredible Xcom star wars armor mods such as: 


Star Wars Clone Trooper Character Pack by REDEngineer1 





and these work tremendously well but im completely stunned in the lack of star wars mods available with such high potential being wasted. By all means im no modder and only requesting mods but im willing to provide any assistance possible finding assets or even if you have to teach me to mod myself!

My ideas of a conversion consists of, well nearly every aspect of the game. Ranging from changing the default drop-ship to a LAAT with sounds like these https://youtu.be/QK7DRK2qMEQ?t=10. Im aware that in the original star wars battlefront there was a usable one so perhaps assets could be ripped from there

Im probably getting way ahead of myself but food for thought!




Default advent troops could be replaced by separatist battledroids 



Weapons of all eras






Replacing all music in game to star wars standards.


changing Bradfords picture to a clone commander or general

With the new upcoming star wars battlefront 2 im sure more higher quality assets will become available.


Im well aware this is a lot of work but with a team of enthusiastic and excited modders im sure its a near doable task. even with flaws it will look fantastic.







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it seems that the star wars modding fanbase has diminished.....


this would be the coolest s*** lmao



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It's really easy to make "here's an idea, someone else make it" posts like this.

In my experience if you want something like this done then you've got to be prepared to do the lion's share of work yourself. If people who can help see something more than a "wouldn't it be cool if..." post then they may help out.




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There's also great Jedi Class :) sadly discontinued, but works very well

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