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Mass Horizons Mod

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Mass Horizons:
A Series of Mods

This mod started off as a Spectre Authorisations Mod, but I’ve always wanted to do more than just add spectre messages to the game, so I’m combining a number my ideas into a single mod that I’ll release in smaller chunks. By releasing it in smaller pieces, I will have less pressure to complete a massive project and get the chance to just casually expand it at my whim. Many of these additions will be small in size. I will also be releasing a version of the mod that contains everything, for those who want it all.

So what are the modules that I aim to, eventually, make? Look below to get an idea:

-- Respawn v1.0; Edits missions to bring more enemies to the field, making the game more difficult for those who have played it many times over. RELEASED
-- Respawn v2.0; To rebuild the missions I have already edited, to edit out bugs and to bring in enemies that change based on previous decisions in ME2 or 3. IN PROGRESS

-- Spectre v1.0; Adds morally grey choices to the Spectre Terminal, how far will you go to defeat the Reapers? Also aims to expand the Shadow Broker terminal with new intelligence about the war, adds immersion changes to how you purchase medi-gel upgrades and adds a number of new star systems from the background lore with a war asset for each one. IN PROGRESS
-- Spectre v1.1; To add the first of my new text-based stories to the game.

That may sound like a lot, but as a lot of them are text-based their content has already been designed by me and just requires implementation, some also will not involve a great many changes. Below are a number of examples of what I aim to add, so that people who are interested can get a feel for what I want to do.


It will take a long time to add everything I would like to add, if I ever do, but I will update this thread periodically with information about how I am doing and occasionally show something off. If anyone wants to provide help they are more than welcome, otherwise I hope you enjoy it. Below are the list of releases:

Respawn - v1.1 Released
Spectre - Currently No Release


If you're interested then let me know! If you have ideas or suggestions, or want to offer to help, by all means do so. I'd love to hear what people think.

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