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Granting permission on all my mods to everyone

help grant permission mods admin staff needed

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Hi so,

I guess i need a staff member.


I tried to write it in a section of my profile like Currently Playing: but it was too long..


Since I'm chronically inactive (i can never play skyrim again. they really cheaped out on the map size..) and don't plan to change that , and people keep asking me about permissions for my mods and I take weeks or months to answer, I wanted to make one blanket declaration somehow?


Sooo here it is:


I declare that anyone and everyone may modify and re-upload (only at *nexusmods.com*) any of my mods to any extent with the only requirement being that credit + link to original mod page is included in your mod's page and any documentation.

This includes converting to SSE. Uploading any of my mods to Steam workshop is prohibited.

The only exception to this declaration is commercial use. You may not make money off my work in any way.

Many materials within my mods are the property of Bethesda softworks and remain so and I do not claim to own those materials.



I know it's a weird request but it's obviously not for my benefit, if any senior nexus staff member could like... do something with that. Post it on my About me page and leave this thread up, or something, however you wanna play it, or don't , idc so much

(i can't change About me for some reason).


happy gaming all,




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There's a pinned thread called The Care Taker in mod author forums. You can talk to Terrorfox1234 about this. Or just report your own thread to staff.

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