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A mod suggestion for rebuilt enclave scene (LS)

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I got this idea while I was playing through the light side version of the extended enclave mod.


In the original version, Kreia drains them of the force and they die. Instead, I want them to live! I think it would be much worse of a punishment if Kreia had taken the force from them without killing them and it would constitute a far greater blow to them, knowing the Jedi masters hid for so long and their arrogance and fear led them to lose the force in such a way. Imagine if they had been  forced to live out their lives with their connection to the force completely severed, and truly see the galaxy through the eyes of the exile. That could have tremendous weight to it!


For anybody who doesn't know what I'm talking about, here's a link to what I am talking about. Watch the whole thing, and see what I mean: https://www.youtube....h?v=wi3bXK9yCgs


I prefer the original enclave scene, but I REALLY want to keep the drain scene from the extended version. Leave the jedi alive to suffer in such a way! Remember, Kreia's not a sith! She doesn't wish to kill the Jedi, she just wants to be right and the Jedi to be wrong. What better way to prove herself right to these Jedi Masters than to take the force from them and have them live without it and become stronger for it. They will see, as the exile did, what true strength is, and that is the meaning of what this scene could provide!


Is there someone out their that can make this simple change: instead of the jedi masters dying at the hand of Kreia, have them fall to the floor when she drains the force from them. And when the exile interacts with them (as she can with their bodies in the game), create a single dialogue option (from cut content, if possible)) or make them not speak at all and stay still and unable to speak, just in utter shock of what had happened.


I'd greatly appreciate it!

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