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Tinas Cookiepocolypse - avoid the "Engram Loot"

npc vanish disappear gone quest broken purpolso mod bug fallout 4

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Like title says...


This affects both the base game and mods.

Sometimes a quest-related corpse is removed causing the quest to break.


Link to mod: http://www.nexusmods...t4/mods/15842/?


Link to Propulso 5000, a mod affected by the issue: 




The main problem with Tinas Cookiepocolypse is that comment section and the bugs section is turned off and development seems to have ceased, the developer can't be contacted here either so it's just a bad ending to an otherwise interesting mod.



I have done what i can now, so i'm showing myself out of this topic...



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Always looked at Tina's like something to be installed, played/experience and removed when done, then return to a save prior to install.
Never thought myself to just let it sit in a game.

Kinda even feel the same about our own big'ish mod, things like Maxwell's, 50 Ways To Die At Nick's, etc, actually.

But yeah, conflicts will happen, just the way of mods. <shrug>

(Unless I'm completely misunderstanding this thread, of course)

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