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Req. for comments on a Class Based Enchanted Tattoos Mod

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Blah, Blah, Blah


I am attempting to make a mod that consists of class based equip-able tattoos that offer selective perks to what you would think that character archetype would benefit from. Im starting with just a pirate and if it goes well, creating more based on the Oblivion classes. Right now Im just looking for ideas/crits, comments, or possibly collabs for later along the project.


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More words...

I like the newer skill system in Skyrim (better with the Legendary Experience System or mods) but miss the class based perks. I want to start off with making a pirate class, because I didnt like the way I was playing my last one with my character using "The Scarlett Mod" (the mod is great tho). I also love tattoos and can suspend lore enough to add them into the game (the oldest sample of tattooing is from 3100 BC). So it snowballed into making some craftable, equip-able enchanted tattoos that are class based to show off your loyalty to the profession, with set bonuses as well as negatives as you become more specialized.



So Far...

Like I said I've just been trying to consolidate ideas and logical progression for the perk and skill bonuses. I used the Oblivion class system for creating the character traits, and came up with:

Specialization/Guardian: Stealth/Thief

Attributes: Personality & Speed

Skills: Blade [One Handed; Daggers & light swords], Security, Speech, Illusion, Mercantile, Acrobatics, Athletics*


*Since the last two aren't directly applicable as skills, and Mercantile has been heavily blended into speechcraft, I thought that making them as supportive passives would make the most sense, that way the other classes aren't completely tied into specific generic skills (when I make them)


This specific combination gives the Pirate the Silver Tongue of the Agent(5/7), Nimbleness of the Acrobat(4/7), and the obsession with and ability to find shiny things as the Thief(4/7).**


**It would be 5/7 for all of them if Marksman was used instead of Illusion, but manipulation seems a better trait for a pirate than archery skills do.



My current list of possible perks for Items and sets are:

Waterbreathing perk

Swimming perk (speed/endurance)

High Value Chests glow

Highlight NPCs with jewelry

Better prices for jewelry, gold/silver items

Cheaper Bribery

Better Intimidation

Pickpocket chance higher

More Septims in pockets and purses

Higher Dagger speed

Higher Dodge chance

Sleeping near a harbor


??? Ridiculousness 
Drinking with allies ups their stats

Mini (low stat) Troll follower/summon

something with explosives


I have also taken into account other mods that use alternate equipment slots for fewer compatibility issues with some popular mods. I am currently working with 8 equipment slots, which interfere with:

5/7 Bandolier slots ... sry

2/9 Immersive Jewelry (L & R Ring Fingers)

2/9 Apachii's Divine Elegance Store (Belt & Armlets)

Does not interfere or use cloaks or backpack slot.

I dont use any others that it conflicts with.


I would appreciate any input :smile:




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