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offSouth banned.

Reason for the ban
Admitting of running pirated versions of games, unless they are multiplayer, and asking for help for a pirated version of a game. In this case, due to the thread created by the banned user, Fallout 4.
Your post on 24 September 2017, 08:32 PM on your created thread:
„Nope, I'm a pirate, arr! I don't buy games unless they are multiplayer.“

You can launch an unban request here:

Terms of Service (excerpt):
We have a strict anti-piracy policy and we take a proactive and preemptive stance on anyone who gives us reason to believe is using a pirated version of any game or software. We only support official game versions and users should not provide help to others requesting help with unofficial game versions (e.g. cracked games). If your on-site activities provide us with sufficient evidence that you are a software pirate then you will be instantly banned. If you ask for help with a cracked game then your posts or topics may be set to hidden or deleted, and persisting to ask for help with your cracked copy may result in your account being banned.“

Reference post

Reference post



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Previously banned for reasons involving piracy. User has since provided proof of purchase regarding the title in question and the ban has subsequently been lifted.

Staff reference: https://forums.nexus...port&rid=147306

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