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Not all radio songs playing

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I've got a horror-rock themed radio for the horror/halloween mod I'm working on. 


The radio station itself works, the songs work, but the voice does not. They're made the same way as the songs - stereo, 16bit pcm wav files, set as stereo_SOM in the ck. (they're literally set up like 5 - 15 second songs)


Opening the sound descriptors in the ck and clicking the play button also plays them fine, but in-game it just skips them and goes to the next song.



Any help is appreciated.... But I didn't spend the past 18 hours recording these just to cut them either... So "only use the music" isn't an option.




EDIT: So I could test easier after edits, I made a completely new "test" radio station that plays nothing but the voice files. They just play.... The real radio station skips them, but the test radio station which is nothing but them plays them just fine....




Edit 2: Here's some screenshots for comparison. Action 1 is the same in both, it's an audio file of my voice (does not play on first one, does play on second). Action 2 on full radio is the first song, action 2 on the voice only is the same as action 3 on the full.


Full Radio Station Quest (skips voice audio files)



Voice only radio station (plays voice audio files)




Action 1 (both quests use the same sound for action 1)


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I had something similar with my ClassicFM, which was skipping files. I think the issue was forgetting to set AudioCategoryRadio in the sound descriptor. Worth checking.

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