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Brawl Mod - Solve your problems with your fists

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Hi everyone! First things first: Forgive my bad english, I'm brazilian and my english isn't that good, so be gentle.
Now to what's important, my idea of mod is: A mod that lets you provoque another character to a fist fight. Now you may wonder "Well that's the dumbest idea I've even heard in my life" or even "holy f*cking cheetos how didin't that exist yet?" but the point is: If you win the fight you get a relationship boost, like if the npc starts to respect you (or fear you at least), also companions that likes to get things done (like Cait and Decon) gain an extra relationship boost when they sees you punching the sh*t out of that little bastard. Can also be used to win certain impasses, like when you don't want to travel the whole commonwealth doing stupid side missions just to satisfy that cocky npc that holds something you want, with this mod you can just puch the sh*t out of him and get what you want, and you dont need a full intimidation perk or any speech rank for ir, just use your fists.
Have you ever wanted to puch some guy in the face because he was such an a**hole but you can't because if you do, it would make him hostile and ruin the entire story line that he is involved? That mod fixes that, you can "invite" him to a brawl and show who's the boss. Now you won't need to fast save, kill every living thing in the room, and fast load just to relief that stress (I know you do it).
I'm not familiar to mod creation, but if you like my idea and want to try it out, I'll be glad to help you in any way needed.

contact me: [email protected]

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