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What really is a NAVMESH

navmesh navmesh triangle navmesh error

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To be honest, if you hate seeing errors in a mod, you can ask the original mod author to fix it, or you can fix it yourself. But if you don't even know what navmesh is, the chance of you fixing it at the moment is slim. As long as there isn't another mod also using that missing navmesh, you are probably gonna be fine.




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Sigh honestly guys I just hate seeing errors in xedit when I click "check for errors". :smile: As to whether the navmesh conflict crashes the game the answer is no.  At least now with your help I know a navmesh is mostly for NPC navigation and that makes me care a bit less about the errors. 


I actually stood around in Castledour for a while to see if any NPC would use the door but no one did. Although no one even went near the door to be honest. So at this point I'm just gonna ignore it. 


THanks all for your generous help. 

trust me, the npcs do it on purpose.  I waited for a full four days game time once to check a mesh I had laid out and every npc in the world avoided the area till I was ready to leave.


there is a method to replace a mesh or deleted mesh with the vanilla mesh.  Sadly I don't remember what it is, but if you google for oldrim tuts on nav meshing its there somewhere. 


I know its like looking for the old coke formula but that tut is out there, old coke is gone.  its a myth now. 

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