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ctd ctd near towns ctd near whiterun mod conflicts

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So, I've watched all of Gopher, and Gamerpoets videos on using MO to mod.  However, I can be a dunce. So to make SURE I do nothing at all wrong, I was hoping that you guys could guide me through this, and prevent me from making serious errors?


The short version of this is, following the guides to the letter, I ended up wasting over two weeks simply trying to mod, and learn on my own; eventually having skyrim stable enough to play, just to have issues anyway that no post had an exact solution for at this time. (I've spent forever searching, and am only now asking for help).  I figured the best thing to do, would be to start from scratch.


So at this moment, I have again followed the guides, I have a fresh MO install, fresh skyrim, and all I have done thus far are the pre-installation steps given by Gamerpoets, and have downloaded (and am installing) mods to MO.  I have not run any patchers as of yet, I have not run FNIS, (Although I have access to the executables via MO, for FNIS, TES5Edit, LOOT, Wryebash, DSR) i have not merged anything. I have however made INI tweaks for memory, and debug logs.


If anyone can please guide me, I need to know if there are any red flags with the mods I have so far, or any small details in installing, or applying, that are easily missed. Any pitfalls I should be aware of any special steps to be taken in the installation process...anything at all. And again, I AM following the guides, I have been combing through forums but I feel like I could easily be missing a few small important details.  My mod list is as follows (This list has not been organized by LOOT, so it may look funny)




I wont make any further installations without guidance. I won't make a single tweak. Any suggestions, any help at all is much appreciated.


When I had problems before starting fresh, with this exact same mod list, I seemed to suffer from CTD's when in areas near towns. Specifically Whiterun, and Ivarstead.  Might be an unimportant detail at this point.


Thanks a million to anyone willing to take the time to give me pointers. Been pulling my hair out for weeks now.



::Edit:: Not all of the mods in that list are currently activated. This is just a list of what I have, and want to use. And again, it has not been sorted via LOOT or any other sorting application.

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