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Ciri and Yennefer both living in Corvo Bianco together with Geralt

ciri yennefer corvo bianco living empress ending father happily ever after toussaint witcher 3 wild hunt

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Dearest everyone,


someone please help me, a while back I found this mod that let's you have some of your friends, meaning, Ciri, Triss and Dandelion come and visit you and stay with you at Corvo Bianco.

The website being here: https://forums.cdpro...3-companion-mod


Now, I installed this mod and soon bumped upon the first problem being that both Yennefer and Triss shared the same couch and bed, through the help of some skilled modders that problem got fixed, then I came to understand that Dandelion and Ciri SHARED THE SAME FREAKING BED! Well, as a father, you probably understand I got rather furious. Through the help of some modders that little problem got taken care of also, I thank you.


However, apparently after putting my little girl on the throne of the Emperor, meaning I got the Empress ending, somehow this mod refuses me to have a simple "Ending" conversation with my daughter.

Meaning thus, she's turned into a spoiled little brat that calls me "Geralt" every time I try speaking with her, without actual dialogue and a scene, can you imagine? Seriously, kids these days..


Thus, I believe and truly am in need of another skilled modder who can "explain" ("meaning script") some manners into her.


(I'm not sure if it's possible to add fixes to an already existent mod, but I hope there is. If not, can someone be kind enough to create a mod from scratch that allows Ciri and Ciri alone (With the Empress ending) to come visit lonely old Geralt?)


Make an old man happy, I mean a really old man, like really OLD.

Make Geralt a Great Father Again.







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I own the game on PS4, and I’m a very heavily certified modder/coder, I’m c0ldfyr3, ZombieMod CS:S creator, of you pay for the game for PC for me and pay me I’ll do it,I learned a long time ago not to do things for freez

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