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Redesign Launch - Stage 2 in progress

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In response to post #57591866. #57617446 is also a reply to the same post.


I myself am hardly using this site anymore. You click on a mod...look at it, then close it...it takes you back to the first page of mods and you can't go to any other page after that. Totally killed it for me. Old design worked SO much better, and was just fine. I, and obviously EVERYONE else, thinks you should put the old site back up, and 86 this P.O.S. Trust me, you're going to lose a LOT of members.

People are being rude because they're angry. I get it, because I was fairly rude in my post. I apologize for that rudeness. I think the biggest problem is that you implemented a new design without it actually working, where, before, it worked just fine and there were no problems navigating the site. The biggest issue is, as I mentioned above, that, say you go to page three of a mod group, open a mod to check it out, then close it to go look at some others. The site takes you to the first page, then you cannot open any other pages. You have to sign out and then sign back in. It's very tedious. If the site actually functioned like the old one, I think everyone would be fine with it. I actually like the new way of viewing pics in the mods, as you don't have to close one and then open the other. Now you can just scroll through them with the arrows. Well done, I love it. Now, if you can just make the site work right, a LOT of folks will be happy. If you had waited till you got the new design working completely before you got rid of the old site, there wouldn't have been any issues. People also are not going to pay money to get a premium account, or even be a supporter, if it doesn't work. I saw a message on the NV nexus where Jokerine, a modder that made some great stuff, is not coming back. I'm not a modder, so that bums me out. I enjoyed her mods, and downloaded and use a lot of them. Now she's just....gone. I would come in here at least once a day to check out the mods, but now it's impossible to do that without going through a lot of trouble. The worst part of it is, this site was, and hopefully will be again, the best site to get mods from. If you can just fix the navigation issues, you will make a lot of people happy.

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Guess no one managed to save the old layout into Stylish, huh?




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Well the old style site was taken down while I was at Mardi Gras, so forgive the late comment.

The old site perhaps did look dated but it was quick to use and functional for the users of the site. The new design by the admission of the people behind it isn't ready and won't be ready until Vortex is released.

It does seem to my eyes that the users of the site are being ignored because the people running the site believe they've gone too far to take a step back, or of course as is more likely they simply think the new design is better even in its unfinished state.

Personally I don't think any amount of tweaking is going to make the new design as pleasant to use as the old one on a desktop PC, where the mods will actually be played. Oddly I think it is going to be easier to use the site on a smartphone and queue up mods that way. This would put me off using the site because if I am sitting at my desk I don't want to have to use my phone to find and set a mod to download, when I am sitting at the computer I am going to be playing the game on.

However as has been mentioned before in the thread, this isn't the users site and the owners can do whatever they want to do with it. They won't even lose many visitors, if any at all, simply because there really is no alternative.




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Locking this down as it's just becoming a dumping ground for individuals being extremely rude. You may use the feedback forum for your design feedback, if you're able to provide constructive feedback without being rude. Else, don't bother, as we simply won't pay attention to it.

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