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Expanding Skirmish

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So for me one of the biggest disappointments for Battlefront was the lack of support for players who want to host their own matches with bots. Oh sure there is Survival, Battles, Skirmish and Fighter Squadron BUT only Fighter Squadron allows for more than 2 players and includes bots to fill out the other combatants.

I'm looking to mod the other game modes mentioned so that more than 2 players can play. In the past some editing of the of a map's init file and placing the edited map into the right gamemode folder would allow for such a change. Has anyone looked at or worked on making the 2 player game modes capable of hosting more than 2 players?

Ultimately I'd like to revise many of maps to have better AI, create fire teams the bots spawn into (Squad leader, 2 Assault, Support and Specialist) and most importantly make it so someone can host and more than 2 people can play but with bots it feels like a full server.

Any ideas?

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