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bug atronach

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This is a weird one.  It's a bug, I don't really expect anyone to be able to help but I'm posting on the off chance someone can direct me to the right place to look and/or have any advice for determining the problem.  Or if by some crazy coincidence this is happening to someone else.


So after a bit of frustration I narrowed down the bug to this:  dead Storm Atronachs (or any other large bodied Atronach) will prevent me from saving my game.  This includes all save - manual, quick, and auto (discovered this when trying to leave Bleak Falls Barrow and got an infinite load screen).  I can save mid summon, but after the creature disappears, trying to save freezes the game.


The next problem is that I'm having a hard time reproducing this.  Creating a new game and summoning an Atronach (via god mode and unlocking all spells in the console) doesn't cause the same issue.  Going through my mods (full mod list below) and deactivating/activating anything that might be linked to Atronachs/Spells/Effects/Lighting/etc doesn't produce any different results.  I'm using the new SKSE64 Alpha which might be the problem, but I don't want to improperly report a bug if it's not whats causing the issue.


My modlist:




So yeah, if anyone has any ideas as to where to even begin looking, I'm willing to do the digging if you point me in a direction.



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You did it right. The problem is in your save & not in your game. If you have an older save with that character, use it.


With the test you have already done we know that it is not your mods or load list directly. It may be a byproduct of either one. 


Here is what it sounds like to me.


If an animation glitches & you save the chances are that you have corrupted your save game. This usually happen when mining or using a work bench.  These are character animation glitches & are easy to spot since your character becomes unusable & saving will trash your game.

NPC animation glitches are harder to spot & most of the time only cause CTDs. When the NPC respawns the CTD is gone. 

The glitch is in the vanilla game & is brought out by animation mods. So basically load an older save if you see an animation glitch.


 Since you can load the save there may be a chance to save it.

Load the save. Make sure your character is in a safe place & leave the game running over night. You want 3 game days to pass. Save with the console. If you have "save on travel switched off go to qasmoke to save.


Good Luck   




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Thanks for the reply, that was exactly the kind of info I was hoping for!  You're awesome!


Presumably since you said to leave the game running overnight, I cant use the wait feature to wait 3 days?  Or setting the time multiplier up?  I didn't even know you could save with the console, I'll give this a try.


Thanks again!

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