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The Elder Scrolls: The Great War

great war tes original game

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A bit of time ago, i started thinking about [The Great War], there was only a bit of the thing in the lore, but not well used in a game(outside of Legends, but Legends is a Card Game, and this is a pity...).
But what about mods? i only got a little of modding knowledge(just a few personal custom weapon mods, and a testing one to simule the Bosmer's Green Pact), we can get a good base with Enderal, using Skyrim as base to create a whole new game!
The Great War on the side of the Empire.
Modify the perk trees, and return the class system, and recommended class for each race, and even uniques(like a "Orc Shaman" using Heavy/Light armor, Mace/Waraxe, Alteration and Illusion Spells exclusive to Orcs) but also a chance to create your own custom class.
Depending on your race and class preferences you would be accepted more or less in the legion.
You could even get a few Artefacts(Daedric, Aedric or just "Mortal" Artefacts(the likes of Aegisbane, Trollsbane, etc....))
Go up in the ranks, wipe out a few Thalmor camps.
And also add the events of Legends on the game...

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