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No Damage/Negative Damage/Healing Weapons

restoration healing damage enchantments enchanting weapons

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So... I was thinking about character, who uses some kind of weapon not for fighting, but for healing allies.


To do such a thing, we would need either:


- Set Weapon to 0 damage (If it's a bow - also prepare arrows with 0 damage) and prepare enchantment wich will heal target you hit with that weapon

- Set Weapon to negative damage wich maybe would heal stuff you hit with it (this I'm not sure if it's possible, never tried do it myself)


In first case there is no way to buff enchantment, unless you write a perk wich will make your character make better use of all enchantments by level of enchantment? I guess?

Ordinator introduce perk wich makes your character have bigger benefit from all enchantments and are stronger for him/her by 10% (only for him/her and already placed enchantments too, if you found ring wich give 60 health, everyone you give ring to will get 60 health but you (with that perk) 66 health because of that buff).

That same mod also introduce several perks wich becomes better as you gain experience.


In second case you actually get stronger heal if you are better at archery, as all buffs for damage now will multiply on negative base number - that means even smaller number, and even more heal. If that make sense...

You could also then buff weapon with restoration enchantment/enchantments.


While I don't know if Skyrim suports negative values for weapons, first idea can be already made using SkyTweak and Wintermyst - Enchantments of Skyrim mods.


First mod allow you to set basicaly every aspect of game - from damage you deal (wich you can set even to 0) to gained experience, how dificulty levels work, you can also set resistances you have and set amount of perks, stats, dragon souls your character have... basicaly every aspect of the game.

Also small cheats like how much plants you get from harvesting, how many enchantments you can place on item...


Second mod basicaly give multiple interesting enchantments, including one wich heals target.

I really liked idea for enchantment, because you could sudently create healer wihout any magica investment... non-mage healer. Archer who don't care for kills but more care for his companions, or maybe heavy roleplay character who have a bunch of followers, you pretend they are some sort of robots and you "repair" them using mace... Why not...


The problem was the fact that even with that enchantment you still deal damage... It doesn't need to be big damage, but as long as you damage something, it can become aggresive towards you. Even followers can turn hostile.

That problem desapear once you set both right enchantment on your weapon AND set damage you deal on all weapons to 0%... Well... that creates another problem...


Maybe you want to heal allies only sometimes and other times you wanted just use other weapon to deal actual damage? The only way to make that work is to swich back and forth from passive healer settings, to normal settings.

You also need to somehow train your battle skills for stuff like rapid attacks, so you heal even more in shorter time as you aply enchantment more often.


Also because that healing enchantment is a part of Restoration magic (I mean - destruction based enchantments are buffed by destruction school, so this is buffed by restoration school), and because you don't get extra experience from just healing targets that way, to make this enchantment stronger you basicaly need to grind both Restoration and Enchanting to make miracle set of healing warriors.


So... I wanted in general ability to negate all damage choosen weapon deal, so you can then put healing enchantments on it while not making NPC new enemies,

or as alternative set of weapons wich would be dedicated for healing only (all have 0 damage or negative damage) - the best would be in both enchanted and not enchanted versions.


Thanks for reading such long post. Have a good day/night.

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