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FPS at 15 or even less

skyrim quality fps lag

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As I have been modifying Skyrim for a long time, for some time I have annoying drops of FPS and lags, especially when I was doing a mouse turn during the game. I pushed some of the mods, which I didn't rlly need, but I couldn't get back to the previous liquidity. I have antialasing and filtering turned off. The quality of details was low, apart from the texture quality (medium). Something touched me, as checking it turned out that FPS oscillating between 10-15 I have even low quality graphics (something must be wrong).
With the installed mods improving the quality I use almost from the beginning of Crash Fixes (Without this after modifying the game dumped, and has been running smoothly for so long).

I also used Skyrim Project Optimization, but there was almost no improvement here, because I had 10-15 FPS in cities. Sometimes in smaller locations, e.g. a player's home I had a jump to over 30 (wow, it will be so smooth?)

Recently I installed the HIALGOBOOST UPGRADE GPU, which showed me the amount of FPS and so I noticed the problem here that I do not have enough. Not only that, on average, it is 14 FPS, but with some movements the camera drops to one frame per second for a few seconds. This mod supposedly improved the situation, but only a few frames.

I wonder if it's the fault of mods or maybe hardware (the computer sometimes lags when using the browser, or when after an hour of playing I will return to the desktop).

I enclose a list of modes:


I've reinstalled the mods. I was also thinking about reinstalling the game itself, but I'm afraid that it might be wasted hours of re-downloading my steam version (the game is also automatically updated).

As for my equipment, this
Intel® Core ™ i3 CPU 2.13 GHz processor
4 GB RAM, 64-bit system
Nvidia GeForce 310m (uptade with 341.95).
I don't know if I have provided all the relevant data, but I hope that this will help solve the problem, maybe there is a solution?

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With a GF310M GPU, it's a small miracle you've ever been able to play Skyrim at all.  It's the lowest of the lowest and not fit for decent gaming.  On top of that it is a laptop GPU which means it's clocked even lower than its desktop counterpart.  That GPU is good for showing your desktop and playing FreeCell, but that's it.


I'd be lighting fireworks all over my block and buy rounds of champagne if I'd reach 15fps with that thing.  Harsh, maybe, but it is what it is.




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"With a GF310M GPU, it's a small miracle you've ever been able to play Skyrim at all." - hahaha, no. Skyrim without mods works without a problem. As well as F3 and NV. Exchange further? You see, I don't believe in miracles and nothing is shocking.

"Harsh, maybe, but it is what it is" - no, it's just malicious. Couldn't you just write "This is a graphics card problem"?
So, I'm asking again - is it possible to increase the FPS anyway? I changed the resolution to 1280x720 and it is a bit better (more often I have over 30FPS), but I still have frequent drops to 15 FPS and lag.

Is it possible to do something to increase the amount of FPS to, e.g. 20?

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