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Replacing items in the game world/adding items to merchant?


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I have seen several mods on here, as well as WorldOfPlayers.de, that add items to the game world by replacing others, or by adding them to a merchant's selling inventory.




My question is: how?

I am familiar with Elexresman, and swapping models and textures for this game, and I understand how to unpack the .elexsec files in Sector, but I do not know what to edit or change in the files. I also do not know how to edit .elexwrl files or .elextpl files, should that me necessary. 
My goal is this:
Place the helmet, armor, and legs of every faction armor in various, sensible, accessible locations in their respective faction cities. Or add them all to a single merchant.
I'd like to make the world object for them the same model as the "Large bag of Elex" pickup model to keep it simple.
I know I need to replace items that already in the game world, but I cannot figure out how to know what item to replace or how to actually replace them.

I will gladly do the legwork for this mod if anyone can point me in the right direction.
Any help would be very appreciated! Thank you!



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Care to share how you unpack/edit .elexsec and .elextpl files?


Or I suppose just .elexsec since that is all you know, I misread that first part lol

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