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Race Tint Layer Presets

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Hey folks. Newbie here. My goal is to make a small mod that unlocks each races warpaint and skin tints but I quickly discovered how... tedious this is going to be. I spent a few hours last night just on female orcs and I'm only about halfway done-ish.


What I'm hoping to learn is whether it's possible to copy and paste the Tint Layer Presets across races or even just genders using the Creation Kit, SSEEdit or something else... or is this just going to be a mindless slog for the next few weeks when I have time? I've already... "streamlined" part of the process by figuring out the numerical values associated with each preset and just shoving them into a text file, but that's as far as I've managed to get in terms of making this less awful.


EDIT-ADD: To clarify, my current process is to go into the Orc Race, choose Female, tab over to Tinting and manually add each file path in Tint Layer as Paint before then individually adding the 24 color presets for non-beast races, 12 for Argonian and 7 for Kajiit, and that's before even touching the vampire variant races.


Yeah. It's been a bit of a 'thing'. I got through about 20 of 50+ for one gender of one race after with Alien and Aliens playing in the background before nearly breaking down and crying from boredom. I'll still do it if I have to, it's just... daunting and soooo time consuming for such a small thing I'm just doing for RP purposes.


EDIT-TWO: Electric Boogaloo or RaceMenu Special Edition?


So a user on another forum brought up the point that RaceMenu should be able to do everything I want and then some, to which I have to ask... did I miss something? I've been trying to keep up on whether RaceMenu SE was evne out, but maybe it was released somewhere other than the Nexus.


Even if it is (and someone please add a link if it is because I love layering warpaint!), I would still love to know if a user can somehow mass-edit presets just as a hypothetical thought experiment.

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Expired is working on his RaceMenu port and has an alpha uploaded. Read about it (+ download link) in the sticky post on the Oldrim RaceMenu comments.


Again keep in mind that it's alpha. SKSE is still alpha as well There might be issues.



[edit] Apparently, it still needs to be updated for the latest SSE runtime since the last update. If you were considering using the alpha, you'll have to downgrade your SSE version or just wait.

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