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Pirate Mod PLEASE MAKE ;-;

pirate ship mod pirates raiding quest

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Hi I had an idea for a mod that i was given inspiration by from the mod Pirates of Skyrim



The idea is to have a similar quest-line add some special docks to certain holds, and to other mods that have large landscapes like bruma, farskaal (i think that's what its called) make it so you can upgrade your boat from a canoe, to a small boat, or (dingy) to a small ship, t a medium ship, to a large ship.
ALTERNATIVELY it could be as if you can buy the ships while only having one active at a time in the harbor, and talk to a certain trader or person to switch them out based on which one you want to use


to continue having ways to customize your ship to be as if its for the imperials, or the storm cloaks, or under a black flag, to have the ability to "search" for other navel vessels and raid them for their cargo and other goods, a crew system, upgrades for the different rooms similar to that of the cardinal house mod in the original skyrim that the Pirates of Skyrim mod is based on. I cant be the only one that wants to be able to go out and raid vessels, find sunken booty, a random guy floating on a raft to recruit to my ship, a ship wreck full of goodies, 



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