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Help with porting a mod to SSE!

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Hello all. I am newbie here, I introduced myself and asked for the correct place to ask for help for this in the newbies section, but nobody answered, searching a bit, I guessed the correct place is here.
First of all, my apologizes for my english, but I learned alone since the High School so... It's bit (BIT) horrible, so sorry for that.


Well, let's go to the important issue. I found a mod that I'd love to have in Skyrim Special Edition, in fact I think that should be a "must have", or an option in the original DLC (Hearthfire), in order to do not must havechoose between library and armory for example. It's called "Hearthfire extended"




The author seems to be away or not working in mods anymore, people asked him for the port with no luck, so I tried to port it by myself following the tutorial in Nexusmods, following it step by step, but didn't get a sh*t.


First I had problems opening the mod on the Creation Kit of Bethesda laucher, it said that I couldn't open more than one file at time, or something like that, when I only was selecting the .esp mod file. When I solved that, there was diferent errors in allmost alll f***ing every object, and although it said "click yes to disable warnings", the damn warnings still appearing, so I had keeping pressed "Yes" during a coulpe of minutes while thousands of errors like that were appearing. When the errors ended at at last seemed the mod be loaded, I changed an object and saved it again in order the game thought it was indeed a SSE mod. Of couse mod didn't worked, but a hundred objects disappeared from my chest and I had to recover it throw the console.


So, have anybody idea of how do it, what I could missed or a better and more specific tutorial? Thanks so much in advance and sorry again for my english.

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