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Infinite loading screens strike again, please help.

help comeontoddhoward infiniteloading infinite loading screens

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So recently my game has been plagued with an issue that literally makes my game unplayable. Whenever I start up my game and try to load into a save it is stuck in the loading screen forever. I have tried to start a new game and it works fine when I do that, but everytime I try to load in my 30+ hour game it doesn't work. As of right now I have disabled cloud sync (which did fix things for 1 playthrough) and added


uExterior Cell Buffer=64


to my .ini files as instructed by forum post solutions of other people with simular issues. If anyone has any other fix to this solution I would be forever greatful. Thanks in advance, have a nice day!


(PS, yes my game is modded, and before anyone states I need to remove all my mods I just want to say that my game has become heavily dependant on them so I want that to be my last resort. I have removed all nonessential already aswell)


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Sorry ì``d love to Help , i also had it , but decided to start fresh , now i make 3 saves whenever the goings good, so if one gets the bugs , i have another 2 to rely on, even with added extra mods. i 0nly keep 6 saves at a time and save rest diff folder.




Theres some suggestions here, if you havent already seen.


Good Luck   :ohmy: :laugh:



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Three things.


1) The older a save gets the more resources it requires.  It is worse with the DLCs. 


That is a hardware issue. To test use Fallout Performance Monitor. After the crash check the graph. If you see either the ram, vram, cpu, gpu or I/O graph line head for the ceiling that may be the cause.


2) If there is one glitched NPC in the cell you are loading into, CTD. The only way to fix it is to use an older save.

All my CTDs & trashed saves are caused by NPCs.


Even if your game is ok, a save can get trashed. It is the nature of modding Bethesda games.  Save a lot & I don't mean quick save & auto save.


3) Check your save file for bloat. Saves can get so large that your computer can't load it.  I have had only one character save get bloat & the file was over 95mbs.


Good Luck



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I'm still running the save from the day the game came out. It's had WOTC in it a few times (notorious save bloat). There absolutely has to be some problem with your mods that have trashed your save or your PC has hardware issues, as it was suggested. Fallout 4 is better at cleaning itself up then Skyrim, so you might try remove a bunch of things and try to get one of those saves to start. If that works out, I'd be digging through xEdit for problem with mods.

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