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10MM Pistol Sounds Like Heavy Gun When I Take It Out?

10mm pistol heavy gun bl-28 blaster

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So, recently started playing FO4 again. Whenever I take out my 10mm pistol it sounds like a machine gun or a flamer or something. Not sure which as I don't use heavy guns, but it's definitely different than the vanilla sound effect. I don't really use any weapon sound effect mods that I can figure and I dug around in the sound files folder and couldn't find anything like what I'm hearing.


The only thought I have is that whatever mod added the BL-28 blaster (don't know which one added that TBH) somehow did this, since that uses the same mesh. Anyone else had similar issues or know which mod might have caused this? My load order is as follows, have all the DLC and thanks in advance!


Edit: The 10mm.esp just resizes the gun, doesn't change any sound effects and uninstalling it did not fix this issue.

Edit 2: NVM I figured it out. I'm embarrassed that I didn't immediately know what it was. Mandalorian Bounty Hunters Guild was the culprit for this.


*Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch.esp
*Snap'n Build.esm
*Armorsmith Extended.esp
*Crimsomrider's 1950s Feminine Outfits.esp
*Dogmeat's Backpack.esp
*No Scope Fade In.esp
*Quieter Settlements - Vanilla.esp
*Quieter Settlements - Wasteland Workshop.esp
*Quieter Settlements - Contraptions.esp
*Quick Save.esp
*Friffy_Holstered Weapons.esp
*Companion Infinite Ammo.esp
*No More Fake Puddles - Nuka World 1-0.esp
*Lots More Male Hairstyles.esp
*Lots More Facial Hair.esp
*Thematic and Practical.esp
*More Smarter Companions Mod.esp
*Sanctuary Cleaner Roads.esp
*WastelandFashion - Leveled Lists.esp
*Deeper Thoughts (Curie).esp
*LooksMenu Customization Compendium.esp
*Combat_Helmet_Illumination 1.2.esp
*Marmo1233 - Immersive Settlers.esp
*Bashed Patch, 0.esp
*Altairp's Animal Farm.esp
*AA FusionCityRising.esp
*The Metro.esp
*Secrets of The Commonwealth.esp

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