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Problem with Porting Weapon to Skyrim SE

skyrim weapon port help invisible creation kit mesh texture nif dds

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So I downloaded an old Skyrim mod that added the energy sword from halo in hopes of manually porting it over to Skyrim Special Edition for personal use. But whenever I open up the game to use it, it's invisible. I can craft and use the weapon but I can't actually see it.


I tried both turning off and deleting other mods thinking it could be a mod conflict but that didn't work. The internet told me to use Nif Optimizer so I used that but still there was no fix. So after some online searching I have come to the conclusion that it probably does have something to do with the mesh or texture files but I can't figure out what it could be or how to fix it. Is there anyway anyone may have an idea on how to fix this? 


I never really work with the inner mechanisms of mods other than maybe changing some sound effects so I am really not sure what to do when it comes down to this sort of topic.

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