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Skyrim SE with SkyUI crashing when opening inventory

skyui skse64 skyrimse crash help

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So recently I bought Skyrim SE and started modding. I downloaded a few mods, and decided to install the latest versions of SKSE 64 and SkyUI. Everything runs fine through character creation, up to the point when you enter Helgen keep and get your gear. Almost immediately after opening my inventory, the game crashes. No error message or anything.

I've tried a few things to fix this, none of them worked. I made sure I had SKSE installed correctly, made sure I was using the SKSE launcher, checked my load order, verified file integrity with steam, disabled the touch keyboard and handwriting panel service, and ran everything as an administrator.

If anyone has any ideas as to what could be causing this, I'd appreciate it.




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The best I could suggest, if you haven't found a fix yet.. is to just disable all mods, then see if it will work properly. If it does, pick some kind of a order to re-enable mods in groups. I just had an issue not long ago with something crashing me to desktop when going into a specific cell/area in the game. 


Personally, I would re-enable the most important couple first - like Skins, SkyUI, Unofficial Patch - then try to start it up. If it works - enable another chunk of mods. Assuming it's a mod, eventually you'll run into the problem and you can isolate which mod it was from the group you added just prior to the problem starting up again.


I like to add mods in small chunks each night once I start up a Bethesda game like this or Fallout. Add 2, 3, 4 mods.. and then play for a while and see if it seems stable.


Hope that helped some?




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Donât know if you have already tried but did you install SSEDIT? Itâs a tool to help clean mods, makes changes, and other features that might help. Also, have you downloaded the LOOT tool? Itâs helps with sorting. Iâm asking just to see where youâre at with the issue. Iâm currently CTDing while going into inventory and Iâm still confused on where the problem is.

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