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Adding Turn Around Animations: Subtle Game Issue

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 This would remove the teleport effect when changing direction. Almost every game has one of these animations. In Skyrim if you walk forward then stop and turn the camera to face your character, then walk forward again you will "blink" or "jerk" around and start to head back the way you came. Compare this to how it works in Fallout 4 and you can see that in Fallout 4 their is a animation that turns the characters body around before walking in that direction. Adding this animation would add a small delay before heading in the forward direction.


This animation will have a number of benefits.


Mods that include Hdt physics will have smoother animations

Will make the game feel newer

Improve immersion


I am not sure if this is completely possible due to engine limitations but it seems like a good idea for anyone working out the many subtle game oddity's that have slipped under the modding communities radar.




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Hi !

I am actually facing this as an issue. With my current load-order on SSE, my character does turn around without the "popping" effect when I turn my camera and then move. Instead of "blinking" into another direction, he quickly turns. I tried with HDT-SMP armors, and it looks really fine.

But as I said, I face it as an issue for 2 principal reasons :
-1: I don't know where it comes from, I tried many things and I still don't know which of my mods is doing this (even by mistake or conflict)
-2: If my character is turning around, all my equipment (weapons sheathed, torches) is still popping. So when my character turns around, my weapon is floating inside him until he's in position.

If I ever find out what mod is responsible, I'll update this. Nevertheless, as an answer to your post, I'd say that the 'turning around' animation is certainly possible to be made, but the difficulty would be to link the equipment with the player's movement.

(I'm not English, please tell if something is not understandable)

EDIT: The turnaround thing is actually part of hdt physics. It only occured for women characters, so I went into data>skse>plugins>hdtskinnedmeshconfigs and removed both "cbbe-tbbp.xml" and "cbbe-feet.xml"
It removes the turnaround animation unless I use a hdt-smp armor, in which case the animation occurs.
My weapons sheathed are still buggy when I use an hdt-smp armor, but at least I figured out where the problem came from. Maybe someone better than me may find a solution that doesn't involve suppressing files without knowing what he's doing. (and as far as I know, I was the only one concerned by this issue anyway)

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Are you guys happy with how NPC turn around?


I mean turning around after being in a standing state.


Actually got excited to see this topic. But I have a diametrically opposed viewpoint at the issue. Been wondering if it's possible to make NPC "blink" or "jerk" around when they need to turn around. I'd totally prefer teleport effect instead of animation, cauze NPC look so clumzy while doing their turn around routine. One of the most annoying things in game ever.

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