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Why is communism a bad word?

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When someone doesn't have any intention to do anything reprehensible the person won't oppose any law that prevents her from doing this reprehensible thing. This is the kind of elementary truth the marxist-leninists and the right-wing/fascists still don't seem to understand.


To ensure the creation of wealths generates an economical development you need a big financial transparency and laws to prevent the boses from hogging all the money to collect the secondary houses and sport cars they will never use. These things require an important separation of the powers, preventing the psychopaths from usurping the power and an important intervention of the state in the economy.

The problem of the goods produced by the Third-World slaves remaining as expensive as when they were produced by less exploited workers applies with the dematerialised music, video games and alike products as well by the way.


The flexi-precarity is the absence of security of the employment, the absence of laws to protect the deserving workers from the abuses of their boss. That bane makes many persons can't plan their future, buy a house or a car which compromises the employment in these sectors.

So what do you propose for those laws? Currently, the wealth gap in the US is the biggest it ever has been, and is increasing. Income for the top 5% has been increasing dramatically, while for the rest of us, it has remained pretty much stagnant. Every day you can read about some company going bankrupt, yet the top management gets millions of dollars from their 'golden parachutes'. Meanwhile, all the folks that were collecting pensions, are now left out in the cold.....


A couple decades ago, a man would get a job, and stay there for most, if not all, of his working career. Not any more. I think the average 'lifespan' of a typical job these days is about 3 years..... What has changed? Society has. We keep getting more government intervention via the EPA, and various 'insurance' policies that the government requires...... such as Unemployment Insurance..... (which, for the employer, is pretty much useless, as even though they have been paying into that fund, if some employee starts collecting unemployment, the EMPLOYER still gets to pay it. NOT the state. What have they been doing with all that money they collect?????


We also have the problem of a government that simply does not seem to be able to operate within a reasonable budget. They ALWAYS have a shortfall, on the order of a trillion dollars per year. Hence, the US is now something to the tune of 25 Trillion dollars, and climbing..... Anyone else tried to run their budget like that, they would be in prison in short order... but, for the government, that's OK? I will NEVER understand that one......



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The government doesn't protect people's rights because there isn't enough separation of the powers to force it do so.


I already listed the solutions to change it: prevent the psychpaths form usurping the power, give all the parties the same financing, make the medias independent from the state and the company bosses notably.

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