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Hardcore Reload

ammo magazine magazines reload hardcore realism immersion pretty please :)

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Hello there,

I've seen this request bump here and there, as well as some mods that attempt to do something similar but unfortunatelly, at this point there's no proper, complete and stable mod that would achieve that.

Hardcore Reloading as in you have mags for all appropriate weapons, you load them up with ammo and then when you reload the weapon you cycle through those mags(eventually comming back partially-filled or empty mags) and you can load them by hand from your inventory. In all respects as it should look like in reality(minus the time it takes to manually, painfully load bullet after bullet).

This „proof of concept” mod for FO4 Redefined achieves this system perfectly, you can swap through various sizes and types of mags as in „Loads of Ammo” and load single bullets as well. Unfortunatelly mod isn't really moving forward in concievable future due to the author moving to some other project.


Is anyone capable of replicating this result or taking this part out of the parent mod and makig it a framework? The original mod also changes many other things and the mags only apply to single weapon.

There is also mod that changes cells into true batteries:

I'm sure a framework that would let people swap beetween different ammo types and magazine(s sizes) would be much appreciated by the realism/hardcore-loving part of the community. I just personally stoped playing the gamelong time ago and can't bring myself to play it all because i know that this is possible but no one did it :(

These are the moment I wish I knew how to mod stuff, also if anyone is lacking in time but abundant in knowledge about the matter, please contact me -at this point I'm willing to learn if someone can steer me at the right track(assuming it's even possible for a noob to be of any asistance)

All Best!

Also tagged with one or more of these keywords: ammo, magazine, magazines, reload, hardcore, realism, immersion, pretty please :)

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