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Stats overhaul

witcher 3 mod

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Hello, i have already started to work on a mod witch aims to change a lots of stas in the game, like the life monster have and how much demage they deal. In my eyes they shouldn't have that much life but some should deal more damage and things like this.


My problem is that I don't really know how the different commands in the xml files affect the monster.

For example I'm not sure what the differences between 'base', 'add' and 'mult' are.

For example if I give a monster a 'base' vitality of 500 and 'add' 100 and then 'mult' it with 2, what will be the monsters vitality?

If you 'mult' something with 1 is it just the normal value then?

And I dont know how to assign a monster to a armor group, and how to chose how much demage their differents attacks deal.

Also I would like all the monsters to be lvl 1, so that the stats I assign them don't change.

I tried to make a Fugas regenerate essence but that didn't word, I wonder why.


To make the combats more intressting I would also like to edit things like the movement and attack speed of monster, is it possible to edit those things in xml files?



thanks in advance for the help :)

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