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Gruesome decorations

blood gore decoration raider cannibal bones skeleton skull body dead

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Here was my request for "Gruesome decorations" mod I posted on Loverslab forums, because I thought it is a mature content. I made some edits to the post looking back at it now, which I marked in colour:


"Hello there, I like making a bit rougher raider themed settlements, but I'm lacking proper tools for it. I have downloaded mods like Butcher Meat Rack, Settlement Objects Expansion Pack, Just Debris, Raider Themed Workshop and such. One of them even had FX tab where there were things such as smoke, sparks and fire, etc. But it is still not quite enough.


There is a mod here that replaces hung and impaled dead bodies to naked one and that's nice, but could there perhaps be something like standalone, non-replacement version that would also have unmutilated corpses ( both dressed and nude, even skeletons ), because I don't want all my dead bodies to be headless so I can achieve something like this:








Actually some mutilated bodies would serve a proper horror effect as well and some could be in different positions like the hung bodies in Predator films or Wrong turn series ( for cannibal themed settlements )






And also so much needed placeable blood stains, splatters and puddles. It is quite disrupting to have torture chamber and butcher's kitchen "squeaky" clean. Some further decorations inspiration can be found in this short video from Event Horizon ( starting at approximately 3:01, I picked this video because one can better pause to see the images ). Some of the bodies could perhaps have their ragdoll mechanism kept ( if you wanted to put them in cages, trolleys or elsewhere ) and they wouldn't despawn then, but you could still scrap them. I read somewhere that the ragdoll mechanism cannot be reproduced in workshop, but there are enough dead bodies models in the original game that it is perhaps not even necessary.


Something less gory could be of use too. Some places have clouds of dust that nicely capture and reflect the light, litting the space up a bit in a dim way ( like above the campfire in County Crossing ).


The list could go on and contain other things like various medieval torture devices made in Wasteland style like working assignable guillotine ( public executions could even raise happiness in the settlements, because people have been wicked beings since the past and still likely are in this harsh future ). But it's up to fantasy and capabilities of the modder to make this actually real.


I apologise for the pictures being in links, but I had more then I was allowed to contain in this post.


Have a nice day everyone."


Another couple of links here is from Vampires the Masquerade: Bloodlines for an idea. Some of the tzimisce decorations were pretty horrifying as well.






I was also wondering if bloodied bones and bodies you can sometimes see at Super mutant camps and dens could be added to it. You can loot a bloodied skull for example, but once you loot it and drop it again it is "clean" somehow.


I am making an extra "raider-hell" themed settlement out of Vault 88 aside of other raider settlements and these would all add to a really good and grotesque look.




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Check out Mutilated Dead Bodies (with optional Workshop file to get them as decorations): https://www.nexusmod...out4/mods/49299

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