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vanilla grenade best

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The grenade slot, whether you use grenades or not, is always there. Why not have the very best one equipped?

What is the best vanilla grenade? What has the biggest blast radius? What does the most damage in the blast zone? Does it throw loose objects around or does it not? How long is the fuse time, and how is that calculated? How rare is it? What perks affect it, and what do the perks do for it? Does it have bonus damage against certain enemies?


"Vanilla" Grenade stats list(where i could find them on the wiki):

Baseball: d:101, r:93, w:1, "Silent" until explosion

Cryo: d:101, r:93, w: 0.5, Chance to slow

Frag: d:151, r:93, w:0.5, no bonus effect

Hal Gas: d:1, r:93, w:1, "enrages" enemies, very limited number

Inst Emp: d:150energy, r:93, w:0.5, Robot only, damage over time effect

Molotov: d51, r:93, w:0.5, Applies "burn"

Nuka: d:301+100rad, r:93, w:0.5, irradiates area

Plasma: d:150+150 energy , r:93 , w:0.5 , energy damage static (not affected by perks)

Pulse: d:150 energy, r:93, w:0.5, No bonus effect, no extra damage to bots as is often cited


So to me, at least on paper, plasma seems the best raw damage wise, except for maybe nuka, which has radiation damage which would theoretically heal muties and not affect robots. But how do the perk calculations play out? What about magazines? Are there hidden stats that do something not listed? Some grenades throw loose objects around the room, which dont? Is range the only factor in throwing distance, or is there something else that would affect throwing one farther?




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Fragmentation MIRV > Nuka Grenade > Nuka Quantum Grenade >= Plasma Grenade > Frag Grenade


Fragmentation MIRV has highest cumulative damage potential. It spawns multiple child grenades, each doing the same damage as an ordinary frag grenade, but with half explosive radius each. But child grenades have staggered detonation and random dispersion.


Nuka grenade has highest front loaded damage and explosive radius from a single grenade, and is much more consistent, but has a lower total damage potential compared to Frag MIRV. Has unique trait of being able to knockdown NPCs.


Nuka Quantum grenade has same physical damage as Nuka grenade, but much lower damage radius and no additional radiation damage. Its damage radius is less than half of Frag/Plasma grenade. Very poor choice against crowds, but very good for busting tough single target enemies. With no demolition perks, this grenade is inferior to plasma grenade in almost every way.


Plasma grenade is essentially a frag grenade but better. Has same explosive radius as frag grenade, and same physical damage, but adds 150 energy damage. Arguably a better generalist grenade than the Nuka Quantum grenade due to its higher explosive radius.


Frag grenade is just a vanilla grenade, good but nothing special.


Of course this is all moot, because Explosive Shotgun is better than all grenades.



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the "best" throwable, that depends.


sure, there's min-maxer optimal DPS folks out there,

though what about the FORPG players?


I also think that stuff which achieves complex stuff while counting as a Nade is fun.

probably the most complex I've seen are the Blink-teleport grenade and the Deployable-Foam Cover nade.






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If you like grenades, you might want to try the mod by seanms1991 titled:


Grenade Expansion Pack 2


It contains an M-79 Grenade Launcher.  He says it can fire about 60 variants of grenades/mines/darts.  I'm looking forward to trying it myself.



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