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Managing the Load Order...

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@ Jpitner .... first you were very grateful that HadToRegister was trying to replicate your error and after you were practically ranting on him after he tried to help you. That says a lot about you. 


On one thing you are right : there is a Pro-Vortex-camp and Anti-Vortex-camp .. but not in the way you think it is. The Pro-Vortex-Camp are those who completely eliminated from their brain to deal with mods and plugins as we used to do it with NMM, so we embraced the new approach but again, first we had to "wash" our brains and learn Vortex as it was intended to be used, adapting ourselves to its logic and evolute with it. 


We have been advising over and over, not hundred, but thousand of times not to do this, not to do that and giving to new users, all kind of support, beside all the procedures written by the dev team and videos from Gopher and still, people do not read and continue to make mistakes and at the end of the day, they blame Vortex. Those are the Anti-Vortex-Camp, the stubborn who are in denial because they simply do not want to read and apply what they are supposed to and want to use Vortex in the same way they used NMM.


You look like an experience person modding your game but others with more experience than you have been humble enough to embrace Vortex and adapt to it and they are not in what you called, the Pro-Vortex-Camp. If you continue trying to use Vortex in the same way you used NMM or MO2, then you will get in trouble. My recommendation to stick to what you have and forget about Vortex. 


Now if you try to suggest how Vortex should be doing things, I wish you a very good luck and you should talk directly to Tannin, the creator of MO2 and Vortex. So, you have a choice : Pro-Vortex-camp or Anti-Vortex Camp !! Pick ! 

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