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Current Version: 1.4.9

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Changelog for 1.4.9 (24 March 2021)
  • Bugfixes:
    • exception in mod history if no state stored for a mod
    • exception managing a game using harmony injector on startup
    • some vc redist files weren't named correctly and thus didn't get loaded
    • some rare startup errors only got logged even though they can't be ignored
    • couldn't unmanage game when the most recently used profile had been removed already
    • when batch-assigning mod rules they could get assigned to filtered out conflicts
    • visual error while loading extensions
    • (KC:D) fixed crash when refreshing mods list and mod no longer installed
    • (Enderal SE) ini changes not applied
    • (Greedfall) deployment error if game profile no longer available
    • (RE2/DMC5) "missing game archive" errors
    • (RE engine games) failure to revalidate dlc game archives
    • (BaS) inability to ascertain the game folder on startup
  • Improvements:
    • updated electron to v11.4.1
    • bepinex: direct users to the bepinex releases url if auto download disabled
    • bepinex: refactored the bepinex download functionality to allow installation separately
    • bepinex: added automatic modtype detection for root mods and plugins
Changelog for 1.4.8 (18 March 2021)
  • Bugfixes:
    • crash caused by unexpected data in registry regarding windows store applications
Changelog for 1.4.7 (18 March 2021)
  • Bugfixes:
    • refused to install malformed fomods (that previously worked)
    • unhandled exception if login fails
    • exceptions unhandled on "remove related"
    • exception trying to combine mods with rule cycle
    • exception trying to combine mods that aren't installed
    • exception trying to track multiple selected mods
    • exception trying to track uninstalled mods
    • exception trying to change description of uninstalled mod
    • rare exception when Vortex tries to log SSL related error messages
    • download failed if filename invalid
    • after resuming a download the archive may remain locked
    • download may get paused if the/a download thread became very slow
    • (gamebryo games) mod categories not shown in plugin screen
    • (gamebryo games) exception caused by bash tags not being read yet
    • (RE2/DMC5) fixed inability to revalidate when cache migration fails
    • (RE engine games) revalidation failing to find game archives (when old cache used)
    • (RE engine games) crash when invalidating and cache is corrupted
    • (RE engine games) error notification for fluffy manager 5000 dummy installer
    • (RE engine games) invalidation button unavailable
  • Improvements:
    • better handling if third-party game extension reports badly formed errors
    • improved xbox-store installation identification
    • (RE engine games) added cache reset button
  • Features:
    • (Skyrim SE, Fallout 4, Oblivion, Morrowind) support for xbox store variants
    • (API) ability to find mutable location for xbox store games
    • (API) allowing direct access to redux actions for FBLO
Changelog for 1.4.6 (15 March 2021)
  • Bugfixes:
    • (rare) exception during deployment
    • errors logged when switching between games (affected bethesda games only)
  • Improvements:
    • improved logging in a few cases
Changelog for 1.4.5 (12 March 2021)
  • Bugfixes:
    • fomod validation was too strict
    • (very rare) exception when receiving extremely large http headers
    • (Enderal Special Edition) some mods wouldn't install with the correct directory structure
    • (XCOM 2) fixed crash during LO deserialization
  • Improvements:
    • (Daggerfall Unity) updated gameart
    • (DMC5/RE2) improved migration functionality
Changelog for 1.4.4 (11 March 2021)
  • Bugfixes:
    • - mod tracking didn't work correctly for a few games
    • - temporary network errors could cause a crash
    • - a few cases of error messages being reported incorrectly
    • - fomod installer dialogs could get stuck with forward button disabled
    • - updating a mod could lead to the mod being installed twice
    • - (RE Engine games) cache migration failed
  • Improvements:
    • - prevent Vortex auto update from downgrading beta to latest stable
    • - better error reporting on mod report if privatebin is temporarily unavailable
    • - better error reporting when a fomod installer is invalid
    • - more logging regarding automatic Vortex updates
    • - (Enderal Special Edition) support added for various features (plugin management and such)
Changelog for 1.4.3 (4 March 2021)
  • Bugfixes:
    • "Before/After all" buttons on the mod conflict dialog made it way too easy to create cycles
    • some error messages regarding files not being found produced needlessly technical error messages
    • tracked mods were not updated/displayed correctly
    • misleading notification if "automatically install mods after download" option is enabled
    • exception trying to track/untrack mod if its installation failed/was incomplete
    • exception trying to "Remove related" if one of the mods recognized as related wasn't installed correctly
    • exception trying to display mod conflict cycle if mods had already been removed
    • exception caused by event history when switching from no active game to a game
    • silently failed to install game extensions when user wasn't logged in
    • refused to install themes that didn't contain either variables.scss or fonts.scss
    • failed to install extension if it was already downloaded for some reason
    • (gamebryo games) progress notification about archive check wouldn't go away in case of an error
    • (gamebryo games) exception on plugins list if bashed tags for a plugin were invalid
    • (Baldur's Gate 3) some mods that should be added to modsettings.lsx weren't and vice versa
    • (Dragon's Dogma) fixed archive merging potentially taking forever, not running at all or producing incorrect output
    • (Dragon's Dogma) fixed error message if mod isn't installed correctly and contains a mergeable archive
    • (Mount&Blade 2) fixed wrong load order assigned/displayed when swapping profiles
    • (Subnautica & Below Zero) "Stop managing" when switching to community-maintained extension didn't work
    • (API) elevated processes would sometimes die prematurely, unabled to send all data back
    • (API - quickbms) placeholders in wildcards were being ignored
    • (API - quickbms) attempts to write to stdin after process closed
  • Improvements:
    • Better messages/options when multiple game extensions try to manage the same game directory
    • Better handling of situations where the deployment method previously used is no longer available
    • automatically installing dinput8.dll hooks into the right directory
    • slightly more information on wait screen while switching profiles
    • progress bar while finalizing download
    • mod highlight icon & color now kept in mod update/reinstall
    • (Baldur's Gate 3) updated "divine" (the tool used to deal with .pak files)
    • (Witcher 3) improved installer for previously incompatible mods (incompatible due to packaging)
    • (Witcher 3) switching profiles will now store/restore profile data
    • (XCOM 2) detection for GOG variants
    • (XCOM 2) will now install more mods correctly
  • Features:
    • Added a new workaround for symlinks requireing admin rights (*)
    • (Blade & Sorcery) option to select VR mode
    • (Witcher 3) option to transfer deployment order -> load order
    • (XCOM 2) added support for "War of the Chosen"
    • (XCOM 2) added load order management (base game and War Of The Chosen)
    • (API) game extensions now have some control over what happens if another game extension tries to manage the same game
    • (API) deployment methods can now be marked "compatible" such that if one becomes unavailable, the other gets preferred as a replacement
    • (API) ability to suppress qbms notifications
(*) This workaround is more robust and universal than the old one. If you have trouble with it, please contact us.
Changelog for 1.4.2 (18 February 2021)
  • Bugfixes:
    • (since 1.4.1) exception trying to reinstall mod
    • text overlapping in mod conflict dialog
    • exception trying to download a file that failed earlier and wasn't removed
    • (Vampire: TMB) game shown as discovered after uninstall
Changelog for 1.4.1 (17 February 2021)
  • Bugfixes:
    • users could get stuck at startup unable to fix an invalid download folder
    • exception upon "remove related" if one of the related mods got removed in parallel
    • exception when unmanaging game
    • exception when extensions tried to pass complex objects to logging functions
    • exception trying to install invalid extension archive
    • exception trying to combine mods if no valid deployment method available
    • exception on startup if Vortex still had an extension list cached intended for an older version
    • exception on load order screen if mod had invalid image url
    • exception during post-deployment cleanup if files got manually deleted at the same time
    • custom mod rules were dropped on mod reinstall
    • a few situations where placeholders weren't replaced on error messages
    • scrolling not possible in load order page
    • some native windows errors were not reported correctly
    • "endorsement" no longer tracked in event history since it requires a network request to change
    • (gamebryo games) exception dealing with empty entries in bash tag list
    • (gamebryo games) switching plugin from ghost to disabled actually enabled it
    • (RE engine games) unable to activate
    • (Witcher 3) script merger wasn't re-downloaded if user removed executable
    • (Baldurs Gate 3) deployment error when active profile is no longer available
    • (Dragons Dogma) (since 1.4.0) merging of arcs was broken
  • Improvements:
    • news dashlet now includes game-specific news (for the active game)
    • rephrased mod rules "must load after" -> "must deploy after" to distinguish from plugin rules
    • "Reinstall" option no longer shown on uninstalled mods
    • using the same fallback image when the user has no avatar as the website
    • Notification when importing files
    • (Dragons Dogma) can now merge content into all arc files instead of just main_game.arc
    • (Witcher 3) ensure script merger's game path config is set during tool setup
    • (gamebryo games) can now ghost/unghost multiple plugins at once
  • Features:
    • new placeholder available for staging/dl folders: {USERNAME} - gets replaced by the windows account name
  • Further changes:
    • Changed the way initial application is loaded. Shouldn't affect most users but if you saw occasional crashes on startup this may fix that. Please let us know. Also let us know if you now start getting problems on startup.
Changelog for 1.4.0 (10 February 2021)
  • Bugfixes:
    • crash if extension tries to query info from a game store that has been disabled
    • exception trying to remove invalid download
    • exception if user manually edited the html dom
    • exception if SSL certificate can't be validated (network requests still get rejected though)
    • removing a category could trigger multiple confirmation dialogs
    • invalid profile could cause unhandled exception
    • possible fix when quickbms gets stuck
    • fixed failure to replace files within archives with quickbms
    • when encountering corrupted userlist, didn't wait for user to decide what to do
    • hidden files not immediately cleaned up during mod removal (next deployment fixed this though)
    • in some rare cases, changing the id of a mod didn't trigger an update to the meta information
    • unnecessary error messages in log file
    • now bundling entire vc runtime (might fix startup problems for some users maybe?)
    • error message when canceling a download
    • potential crash at first startup after updating to a new Vortex version
    • script extender primary tool check was case sensitive
    • visual glitch in game thumbnails
    • potential attempt to deploy undiscovered game
    • very rare situation where if logging isn't possible a minor problem could cause a crash
    • certain characters in the Vortex application path could lead to images not being shown
    • downloads stuck at "Finalizing" if Vortex was closed or crashed at a bad time
    • various texts that previously couldn't be translated
    • glitched download progress display after pause&resume
    • (Oblivion/Fallout 3/Fallout NV) outdated load order displayed when autosort is disabled
    • (RE2/DMC5) exception if error was encountered iterating game archive
    • (RE2/DMC5) exception if re-engine-wrapper extension wasn't loaded
    • (BaS) mod name issues causing assets to be missing in-game
    • (Witcher 3) rare attempt to write invalid mod entries to load order file
    • (Witcher 3) mod names with witcher3tl mod type resolved incorrectly
    • (Baldurs Gate 3) crash when deployment manifest is inaccessible
    • (compact/contrast themes) ugly toolbars
  • Improvements:
    • updated electron to version 11.2.3
    • updated loot to version 0.16.1
    • (hard coded) exclusion list of files/file patterns that shouldn't be deployed
    • on closing Vortex will show a message if an update is going to be installed
    • changing a table filter no resets selection in the table (previously invisible lines could still be selected)
    • display mod version in conflict dialog
    • The "More..." text in the navigation bar when downloads multiple files is now a link to the dl page
    • more sensible table grouping of "equivalent but not quite equal" values
    • improved handling of links for vortex extensions from the site
    • "active downloads" widget (bottom of navbar) now prioritizes active downloads over paused ones
    • improved wording on a bunch of dialogs/messages
    • more "friendly" names for automatically downloaded extension updates
    • reduced number of github api request
    • no longer request response to feedback if user has already given one
    • highlight downloads that can't be resumed (due to a server limitation)
    • When Vortex launches a game store, it's no longer a child process of Vortex
    • Attempt to improve robustness of fomod installer against misconfigured systems
    • manually set mod category and notes now kept on mod update
    • (Witcher 3) added option to open documents folder from load order page
    • (Subnautica & Below Zero) replaced with stubs
    • (Neverwinter Nights 2) added support for mod type for mods that should be installed to override
    • (gamebryo games) now supporting savegames with zlib compression
    • (gamebryo games) corrupted savegames are now marked and can be filtered
    • (symlink deployment) will now retry failed filesystem operations
    • (API) it should now be safe to purge games other than the one currently being managed
    • (API) simplified the api to interface with quickbms
  • Features:
    • event history on mods and plugins screen
    • option to limit download bandwidth used by Vortex
    • option to automatically install mods after download
    • option to bring Vortex to foreground when starting a download from the browser
    • option to copy files into downloads when using "install from file"
    • ability to search (mod) conflict editor or to only show unresolved conflicts
    • ability to track/untrack mods
    • ability to batch-edit mod rules
    • ability to sort categories alphabetically
    • ability to merge multiple mods into one
    • ability to change mod highlight (the user-defined colored icon column) on multiple mods at once
    • ability to stop managing a game (effectively removing all profiles for the game, use with care!)
    • ability to remove related mods (e.g. other versions of the selected mod)
    • ability to create windows shortcuts to start Vortex with a specific profile (and game) directly
    • ability to filter mods by author
    • can now show (and group by) mod type as a column in the mod list
    • can now start filtering in tables with ctrl+f
    • can now use .jpg and .ico files for tool icons
    • can now use filter category column by arbitrary text
    • profiles can now be given a description
    • can now set up Vortex to shut down the computer once all active downloads finish
    • button in downloads page to directly open the download folder
    • mod description and author can now be edited
    • (gamebryo games) support for "ghost"ed plugins
    • (gamebryo games) displaying bash tags
    • (gamebryo games) added column showing whether a savegame is an auto-/quick- or manual save
    • (gamebryo games) warning if using incompatible archives (BSA/BA2 intended for a different game)
    • (gamebryo games) notification about "mod contains multiple plugins" now has button to show those plugins
    • (Resident Evil 3) support added
    • (API) requireExtension can now specify a version pattern to limit which versions of an extension are compatible
    • (API) game extensions may now provide their own mechanism to determine the game version
    • (API) more convenient & robust functionality to deal with load ordering for games
    • (API) support for game stubs (required so we can turn bundled into separate extensions)
    • (API) support for multiline input in standardised dialogs
    • (API) can now query whether a game store is installed
Changelog for 1.3.22 (12 January 2021)
  • Bugfixes:
    • exception caused by one of our sanity tests on first use if Vortex isn't fully initialized yet
    • in some cases the "Give Permission" option on locked files didn't work
    • creating mod directories might fail if elevation (admin rights) are required
    • font choices "serif" and "sans-serif" in themes didn't work
    • a few cases where user canceling an operation caused an error notification
    • when manually marking downloads as compatible with games, unoffical games couldn't be removed from that list any more
    • (Devil May Cry 5) failure to read mod directory not handled gracefully
    • (Blade & Sorcery) potential issue creating missing mod directories
    • (Blade & Sorcery) crash if writing loadorder.json file fails due to filesystem errors
    • (Blade & Sorcery) crash trying to write loadorder file if game configuration file is missing
    • (Blade & Sorcery) json parsing errors not handled gracefully
    • (Blade & Sorcery) more checks to ensure the game environment is valid (game discovered and mod folders exist)
  • Improvements:
    • (Fallout New Vegas) detection of GOG edition

Changelog for 1.3.21 (17 December 2020)
  • Bugfixes:
    • (Baldur's Gate 3) more graceful handling when encountering corrupted xml files
    • (Blade & Sorcery) fixed application crash when game installation is corrupted
  • Improvements:
    • (Blade & Sorcery) overhaul of load order system to be compatible with game version 8.4
Changelog for 1.3.20 (15 December 2020)
  • Bugfixes:
    • failed check for whether the primary tool for a game is valid
    • Mod installations impossible if any extension-provided installer returned invalid results
    • crash if an extension tried to create a dialog with invalid parameters
    • disabled (as in: not usable) toggles were not distinguishable from regular ones
    • (rare) error message attempting to replace already-removed mod
    • file transfer (staging or download folder) needlessly failed if a directory was created manually during the transfer
    • (Skyrim Special Edition) Savegames using zlib compression weren't supported
    • (Morrowind) steam version not discovered
    • (Baldur's Gate 3) exception in load order page if no mods installed
    • (Baldur's Gate 3) Load order resetting when deploying, refreshing or enabling new mod
    • (Baldur's Gate 3) Vulkan exe not discovered correctly
    • (Witcher 3) menu installer filtering out unique config files
    • (Witcher 3) mods erroneously marked as multi-component
    • (Subnautica) dropped QMM installer as it's no longer supported
    • (Mount&Blade 2) locked load order entries highlighted as missing after sort
  • Improvements:
    • updated electron to version 8.5.5
Changelog for 1.3.19 (18 November 2020)
  • Bugfixes:
    • - very rare exception apparently caused by installing fomod while switching profile
    • - (BG3) installing fomods was still not working
  • Improvements:
    • - updated electron to 8.5.4
    • - more graceful handling of certain installation errors
    • - system fonts only fetched on demand (the fetch causes a crash on a few systems and we don't know why)
Changelog for 1.3.18 (16 November 2020)
  • Bugfixes:
    • incorrect "Missing Master" after switching between Bethesda games (rare)
    • exception highlighting mod-rule cycle (rare)
    • file conflicts sometimes not calculated on startup
    • script extender plugins incorrectly labeled "manually installed" in error messages
    • exception if mod meta information contains non-semantic version numbers
    • symlink-deploying electron applications as a mod would cause incomplete purge
    • (Bethesda games) script extender marked as discovered even if not installed correctly
    • (Witcher 3) support for multi-component menu mods
    • (Blade & Sorcery) crash when game installation is corrupted/incomplete
    • (BG3) crash if user deletes Mods directory while Vortex is running
    • (BG3) exception installing fomod for BG3
    • (BG3) unhandled exception if modsettings.lsx file was corrupted by user
  • Improvements:
    • Plugin list is visible again while sorting
    • allow user to attach arbitrary files when replying to feedback
    • no longer report file conflicts over irrelevant files (.git, .hgignore, _MACOSX, ...)
    • warning if user has set up a script extender for the primary tool but it's not installed (correctly)
    • allow users to retry filesystem operations on certain I/O errors
    • more graceful handling of certain installer errors
Changelog for 1.3.17 (5 November 2020)
  • Bugfixes:
    • - unhandled exception if symlink workaround has to be disabled on startup and that fails
    • - unhandled exception from gamebryo plugins screen if session state not initialized correctly
    • - unhandled exception after mod failed to install correctly
    • - updating certain extensions could cause an exception (the update still worked correctly though)
    • - switching languages may not update texts until restart
    • - changing mod type didn't request deployment even though it is clearly necessary
    • - (BG3) unhandled exception if divine.exe reports an error
    • - (BG3) GUI mods being written to modsettings.lsx caused mods to break
  • Improvements:
    • - (BG3) no longer report conflicts re info.json files
  • Features:
    • - (API) allow game extensions to specify files (or file patterns) to ignore for conflict detection
    • - (API) export "withErrorContext" function which allows adding information to all errors occuring in a block of code
Changelog for 1.3.16 (3 November 2020)
  • Bugfixes:
    • - crash upon electron-internal exception (rare and probably a minor one)
    • - exception on plugins page
    • - extensions screen might (rarely) show the incorrect (enabled/disabled) state for an extension
    • - two error messages if network request fails due to dns lookup error
    • - error reported if processes started by Vortex were terminated during windows shutdown
    • - game discovery based on EA Origin/EA Desktop might miss games
    • - (BG3) exception due to attempt to refresh uninitialized ui
    • - (MHW) stracker's mod loader was being installed as a mod
  • Improvements:
    • - updated electron to version 8.5.3
    • - UI/UX improvements to issue response dialog
    • - further sanity check when user changes download/staging folder
  • Features:
    • - (Code Vein) open option for the game settings directory
    • - (API) getVortexApi can now be used to get at the localAppData directory


Changelog for 1.3.15 (29 October 2020)

  • Bugfixes:
    • incorrect notifications about exceeding the plugin limit
    • broken characters on savegame screen for chinese savegames
    • files added to game directory might not have been noticed and assigned to corresponding mod
    • under certain circumstances would try (and fail) to install mod for a game that isn't discovered
    • (Mount & Blade 2) fixed mod installation failure if mod has multiple submodules
    • (Baldur's Gate 3) exception when no player profile has been created (yet)
  • Improvements:
    • Allow attaching session log to feedback response
    • error message when extension failed to load more readable
  • API:
    • New events before & after removing a mod

Changelog for 1.3.14 (27 October 2020)

  • Bugfixes:
    • reporting download error when none had happened
    • crash with "Script Error" as the only error message
    • during startup error notification might state the wrong extension as the origin
    • if reading ini files failed due to onedrive, user changes could get reverted
    • improved/fixed fallback if reading application state fails
    • incorrect url encoding used when starting downloads manually from url
    • tried to resume download even though we know it wouldn't work
    • when assigning (and moving) a download to a different game, errors weren't handled properly
    • cleaning up after a failed/interrupted staging/download folder transfer could fail
    • pausing a download after the last chank has been transfered but before the download is marked finished broke the download
    • Vortex could hang during start if the windows api calls re task management didn't work
    • would potentially continue asking for response to issue after the user had already given one
    • notification re plugin cycle had order inverted between master <-> non-master
    • infinite activity indicator if no plugins installed
    • fixed attempts to execute harmony specific functionality for non-harmony games
    • (galciv3) deployment error if profile no longer exists
    • (Blade & Sorcery) incorrect load order prefixes past 25 mods
    • (RE2/DMC5) DLC archive queries executed on non-DLC folders
    • (Mount & Blade 2) exception on profile change when game not discovered
  • Improvements:
    • added warning if plugin limit is exceeded and better visibility of plugin limit
    • detection for a bunch of games when running on Linux (native)
    • Handle nxm:// links triggered from inside Vortex directly
    • stop user from setting the download/staging folder to the base Vortex appdata directory
    • if an extension tries to register an invalid state watcher, only report error once
    • (Witcher 3) improved some explanation texts
  • Features:
    • (Baldur's Gate 3) added support
    • (Starsector) removed, there is an improved community-supported extension
  • API:
    • (generic load order ext) allow load order entries to have custom data associated with them

Changelog for 1.3.13 (8 October 2020)

  • Bugfixes:
    • (1.3.12 only) exception on Dashboard (issue dashlet)
    • Steam Overlay not working for various games when started from Vortex (not sure in detail which were affected and which were fixed)
    • when cloning default themes the copy wasn't correctly marked as "Dark"
    • under ominous circumstances move deployment was not able to purge/undeploy mods. Even now it will be *a lot* slower in those cases.
    • (Kenshi) search-based detection might mistake other games for Kenshi
  • Features:
    • added command line parameter to start Vortex with developer tools opened

Changelog for 1.3.12 (7 October 2020)

  • Bugfixes:
    • quick discovery didn't find certain games if they were installed while Vortex already running
    • hidden download graph couldn't be restored
    • search-based detection broken a couple of games (Darkest Dungeon, Dawn of Man and Surviving Mars)
    • mod reporting could hang during calculation of md5 checksums
    • crash on startup in case of missing environment variables (wine users only?)
    • exception in mod report if files aren't deployed
    • exception in mod report if server isn't available/reports an error
    • exception if merge extension wants to apply to a mod type that won't get deployed
    • exception if vortex tries to update download file name at the  same time the download was canceled/paused
    • exception opening game "+"-menu if no information for that game was stored yet
    • bad error handling if download can't be renamed to its final name
    • bunch of fixes to translations
    • game-specific code kicked off for unrelated games (multiple cases)
    • (Stardew Valley) crash on startup if mod directory can't be created
    • (Witcher 3, Blade and Sorcery) visual glitches
  • Improvements:
    • show .dazip files in download list
    • sanity check to ensure load order is synced correctly (generic lo feature)
    • (Dragon Age) better detection for mod type (Addin vs override)
    • (Mount & Blade 2) SDK autoconfigured
    • (NWN:EE) warning if multiple mod directories detected
    • (api) game extensions can now specify appData path and settings path for opening directories
  • Features:
    • Added ability to reply to feedback without github login

Changelog for 1.3.11 (30 September 2020)

  • Bugfixes:
    • savegame list didn't refresh after import
    • exception if user manually deletes directory in a game while that game is being purged
    • exception on start up if download folder can't be created
    • (maybe) fixed a problem with fomod installer on older windows/.net versions
  • Improvements:
    • automatically repair corrupted FNIS Data mod entry even if no fnis settings changed
    • attempt to fix corrupted download folder tag

Changelog for 1.3.10 (29 September 2020)

  • Bugfixes:
    • avoids refreshing plugin details during mod activity (caused error messages)
    • Load order (generic) pages didn't always update correctly upon adding/enabling mods
    • a few more cases of untranslatable texts
    • (Dragon Age: Origins) Addins.xml missing entries for mods
    • (Witcher 3) various issues with load order sorting and missing context menu
    • (MS Flight Simulator) placeholder texts used in the UI
    • (api) adding a heading to a panel broke the layout
    • (api) DraggableList component didn't work with objects as items

Changelog for 1.3.9 (23 September 2020)

  • Bugfixes:
    • Mod installation got stuck for certain mods
    • Certain actions on windows store games triggered a series of permission errors
    • incorrect warning about the download directory not being set up correctly
    • allowed removal of bundled themes
    • allowed invalid names for custom themes
    • dashboard banner avatar not updated correctly
    • (rare) exception if a bundled exception was newer than an installed one
    • (rare) exception trying to import savegame from profile that has been deleted in the meantime
    • cleaner handling of a couple of rare errors we couldn't reproduce ourselves
    • importing save games from global -> profile stopped working occasionally
    • error message (timeout) using symlink deployment if user doesn't confirm the UAC dialog for a long time
    • import from Mod Organizer would sometimes create invalid mod entries in Vortex
    • during import from MO, separators were displayed as importable mods
    • import from MO not available for Fallout: New Vegas
    • NVSE automatic update failed to deduce latest version
    • for games that load mods alphabetically, the generated prefix was incorrect when deploying while the game not active
    • errors from QBMS not reported correctly
    • switching profiles was possible while a purge was ongoing
    • various texts could not be translated
    • after auto-updating a bundled game extension that game would sometimes show as not installed
    • (Halo) fixed wrong mods path for ODST
    • (Darkest Dungeon) failure to set game due to inaccessible file/folder
    • (Flight Simulator) Steam version not auto-discovered correctly
    • (Witcher 3) tried to modify load order with no active profile
  • Improvements:
    • more extensive logging to various errors being logged to help investigate hard-to-find issues
    • prevent extensions from setting up invalid mods that could later cause issues
    • announcements are now sorted newest->oldest
  • Features:
    • api: added functions "isFilenameValid" and "isPathValid"

Changelog for 1.3.7 & 1.3.8 (11 September 2020)

  • Bugfixes:
    • Transfering Staging/Download folder could lose files if new path actually refers to the same directory
    • (Kenshi) incorrectly treated as installed after it was uninstalled

Changelog for 1.3.6 (11 September 2020)

  • Bugfixes:
    • exception adding files to downloads screen when no game active
    • exception running a tool when no profile active
    • exception on startup if login info unset
    • exception if steam install is corrupted (or was uninstalled incorrectly)

Changelog for 1.3.5 (10 September 2020)

  • Bugfixes:
    • - crash (whitescreen) if user has savegames with custom names that contain no letters (bethesda games only)
    • - exception when trying to look up metadata for an invalid download
    • - crash in download view trying to open an invalid download
    • - crash checking for script extender errors (gamebryo) if manifest can't be accessed
    • - exception (not very information one) if a deployment method generates an invalid incompatibility notice
    • - crash in renderer could take down entire application with uninformative error message
    • - possible errors on systems where windows store isn't installed
    • - errors logged when typing certain keywords in the feedback title
    • - (Witcher 3) failure during merge caused two error notifications
    • - (Witcher 3) crash when toggling load order mod states with no mods installed
    • - (Flight Simulator) installing packs of mods caused an error generating the layout.json
    • - (Flight Simulator) incorrect and inconsistent merging results for cfg files
    • - (Dragon Age: Origin) failed to start steam version directly
  • Improvements:
    • - better error handling in various places if an installed extension is buggy

Changelog for 1.3.4 (9 September 2020)

  • Fixed:
    • in very large fomod installers, user selections might get reverted if clicking too quickly
    • exception creating mod report in bethesda games if the plugin load order hadn't been calculated yet
    • failed to install mods on some systems (apparently connected to windows system language)
    • changing mod order rules in "Manage Rules" didn't correctly update
    • opening "Individual File Changes" from the conflict editor would cause unsaved changes to be lost
  • Improvements:
    • Download screen can now be used even if no game is active
    • automatically retry creation of temporary files (if the error indicates that that may help)

Changelog for 1.3.3 (3 September 2020)

  • Bugfixes:
    • exception if download list contains invalid item
    • exception if user clicks "Show" on file conflicts if they switched to a different game in the meantime
    • exception on a couple of games when checking for newly added files (rare)
    • crash if user attempts to delete savegame of invalid/missing profile
    • crash in MO/NMM import of user manages to cancel and then restarts import in less than a second (congrats for that btw...)
    • changing profile might get stuck on certain errors
    • incomplete cleanup after installing nested installer
    • error message about missing staging folder when first managing a game
    • error message switching profile, if both the selected profile and the fallback are invalid
    • suppressed a few non-issue error messages from foreign libraries we can't control
    • no longer show "Conflicts haven't been calculated yet" during profile switch
    • in rare cases, the "Extensions" dashlet would request extension to be endorsed but show no unendorsed extension
    • (api) merged files would end up in wrong directory for certain games
    • (api) debouncer could get stuck if the callback function threw an exception
    • (Witcher 3) exception ordering load ordering
    • (Witcher 3) exception if script merger checksum doesn't match
    • (Witcher 3) exception about mod.settings being a directory instead of a file
  • Improvements:
    • Updated electron to version 8.5.1
    • offer retry if removing a directory fails due to a file still being open
    • made a couple of error messages more informative
    • got rid of hard coded version numbers in guided script extender installation
    • (Witcher 3) refresh load order immediately when user sets priority manually
    • (Witcher 3) improved priority assignment for newly installed mods
  • Features:
    • Support for MS Flight Simulator (2020)
    • (Witcher 3) added icon bar button to allow users to reset priorities to an incremental basis system

Changelog for 1.3.2 (27 August 2020)

  • Bugfixes:
    • permission errors when managing Windows Store games
    • exception on startup when active game no longer discovered
    • (rare) exception when game stores are unavailable
    • (rare) exception on deletion of a theme
    • provide more information when a mod installation fails (in the log)
    • irrelevant issue from graph library caused error message
    • unhandled exception trying to esl-ifying a file that had been deleted by the user
    • context menu on generic load order screen only shown for last element
    • render error on generic load order screen when mod gets removed
    • if user installs game extension manually that game could show up twice in the games screen
    • failed to render game thumbnail when extension doesn't specify a logo 
    • downloads from foreign sites might fail if server used compression
    • downloads from foreign sites might fail (due to dls from initial page being started without referrer)
    • (gamebryo games) error message when removing the last userlist rule for a group
    • (Vampire The Masquerade: Bloodlines) exception selecting game if user lacked permission
    • (RE2/DMC5) deployment error if profile is invalid
    • (Skyrim VR) game discovery via steam not working
    • (Mount & Blade 2) catch error at startup presumably caused by corrupted application state
  • Improvements:
    • more robust recovery for interrupted downloads
    • renamed "Testing" update channel to "Beta"
    • preserve line breaks in mod changelogs
    • automatically attach log files when reporting installer problems
    • slight layout fix on extensions screen
    • success notification once missing dependencies are installed
    • automatically enables script extender when using the guided installer
    • (Witcher 3) added ability to set priority manually + disable/enable all
    • (Morrowind) Detection of GOG version
    • (Morrowind) added tool shortcut for Construction Set
    • (Blades and Sorcery) various improvements to migration process from  older setups
  • Features:
    • optional save game column for the time played on that save
    • (api) extensions using the generic load order extension can now discern the reason for a presort event

Changelog for 1.3.1 (6 August 2020)

  • Bugfixes:
    • unhandled exception if plugin sorting process crashes at a bad time
    • (rare) exception on startup due to list of downloads being mia
    • (rare) exception if one extension depends on another and that one failed to load
    • (rare) exception checking running processes
    • (rare) exception purging files if the game wasn't correctly registered
    • exception in some cases if the list of groups in the userlist is invalid
    • layout of address bar in embedded browser broke if url too long
    • potential problem when we update a bundled extension independently from the main app
    • tutorial videos not positioned correctly
    • Vortex would give up way too quickly starting the secondary process for mod installs
    • survey wasn't shown if the announcement dashlet was disabled
    • scripted mod installer might fail if temporary file gets locked (probably by AV)
    • (Vampire Masquerade: Bloodlines) trying to open mod folder started the game
  • Improvements:
    • (Subnautica) Added support for addons and CC2 mods
    • (Subnautica & Below Zero) less intrusive QMM download/install process

Changelog for 1.3.0 (3 August 2020)

  • Bugfixes:
    • (rare) exception about failing to close file when download fails
    • (rare) exception if Vortex is closed/crashes during startup
    • (rare) exception in filtering extensions list
    • exception upon canceling a deployment
    • unhandled exception if removing outdated snapshot fails (or is canceled by user)
    • QuickBMS error line details were getting truncated
    • "Open in Browser" for a github-hosted extension lead to an invalid page
    • extension page didn't request restart in cases where it was necessary
    • failure to properly report some errors during deployment
    • restoring a vortex backup on a Vortex that wasn't reset wouldn't necessarily replace all existing state
    • (api) the generated namespace used for localizations was unpredictable
    • (api) debouncer arguments not set when triggerImmediately enabled
    • (Witcher 3) mod settings changes weren't persisted
    • (Witcher 3) script merger notification persisted after game switch
    • (Witcher 3) error merging when game/mod input files are invalid
    • (Kingdom  Come: Deliverance) error attempting to write to load order file
    • (Kingdom  Come: Deliverance) error in game activation if profile became invalid
    • (Sims 4) exception accessing ini file
    • (Blade & Sorcery) invalid handling of externally added mods
    • (Devil May Cry 5/Resident Evil 2) unhandled exception removing mods
  • Improvements:
    • Improved UI when manually scanning for games
    • the last time a mod was enabled is now tracked
    • when multiple versions of a mod are grouped together and none is enabled, the most recently enabled one is displayed by default
    • when a mod is installed from a fomod, we now generally enable all selected plugins (for mods installed from here on out)
    • trailing white-spaces now trimmed from mod staging folders (those could confuse other applications)
    • no longer report files as "externally deleted" if Vortex can't access them
    • reduced likelihood FNIS is rerun unnecessarily (if automation is enabled)
    • column toggles for tables no longer include columns that wouldn't show anyway (e.g. because they don't apply to the active game)
    • external mod info banner displayed for locked entries
    • if the user specifies a relative path for staging/downloads it will now be relative to userData instead of the Vortex folder (which would always be invalid)
    • if the current staging/download folder isn't tagged as such, offer the user to change it without moving data. This is to recover from settings corruption
    • more logging when file validation finds error
    • quicker update upon changes to load order (for games using the generic component)
    • (Blade & Sorcery) new gameart
    • (Witcher 3) integrity check for script merger archive and executable
    • (Witcher 3) button to open documents folder
    • (Witcher 3) ensure DLC folder is created if necessary
  • Technical changes:
    • updated electron to 8.4.1
    • replaced external library (zeromq) with custom implementation (it caused problems we couldn't fix)
    • replaced node-sass with dart-sass (dart-sass is the current official implementation and less problematic)
  • Features:
    • Support for surveys on the dashboard
    • ability to start Vortex together with Windows (optionally minimized)
    • ability to use variables in the command lines used to start tools
    • Added functionality to allow users to start Vortex in task bar
    • (Blade & Sorcery) support for load order management
    • (api) generic mechanism to mark games as (in-)compatible with generic features
    • (api) added a deployment method that doesn't actually deploy anything (for the rare game that can use mods directly from the staging folder)
    • (api) allow dialog checkboxes to be disabled
    • (api) allow extensions to specify position of table columns they add

Changelog for 1.2.20 (27 July 2020)


Changelog for 1.2.19 (8 July 2020)



Changelog for 1.2.18 (7 July 2020)



Changelog for 1.2.17 (22 June 2020)



Changelog for 1.2.16 (10 June 2020)



Changelog for 1.2.15 (8 June 2020)



Changelog for 1.2.14 (8 June 2020)



Changelog for 1.2.13 (4 June 2020)



Changelog for 1.2.12 (26 May 2020)



Changelog for 1.2.11 (5 May 2020)



Changelog for 1.2.10 (29 April 2020)



Changelog for 1.2.9 (23 April 2020)



Changelog for 1.2.8 (22 April 2020)



Changelog for 1.2.7 (21 April 2020)


Changelog for 1.2.6 (20 April 2020)

Changelog for 1.2.5 (16 April 2020)

Changelog for 1.2.4 (16 April 2020)

Changelog for 1.2.3 (31 March 2020)

Changelog for 1.2.2 (26 March 2020)


Changelog for 1.2.1 (20 March 2020)

Changelog for 1.2.0 (19 March 2020)

Changelog for 1.1.15 (13 March 2020)

Changelog for 1.1.14 (19 February 2020)

Changelog for 1.1.13 (17 February 2020)

Changelog for 1.1.12 (29 January 2020)

Changelog for 1.1.11 (28 January 2020)

Changelog for 1.1.10 (23 January 2020)

Changelog for 1.1.9 (16 January 2020)

Changelog for 1.1.8 (14 January 2020)

Changelog for 1.1.7 (8 January 2020)

Changelog for 1.1.6 (8 January 2020)

Changelog for 1.1.5 (9 December 2019)

Changelog for 1.1.3 (26 November 2019)


Changelog for 1.1.2 (25 November 2019)


Changelog for 1.1.1 (19 November 2019)

Changelog for 1.1.0 (5 November 2019)


Changelog for 1.0.5 (14 October 2019)

Changelog for 1.0.4 (8 October 2019)


Changelog for 1.0.3 (19 September 2019)

Changelog for 1.0.2 (17 September 2019)

Changelog for 1.0.1 (12 September 2019)

Changelog for 1.0.0 (30 July 2019)

Changelog for 0.19.2 (25 July 2019)

Changelog for 0.19.1 (23 July 2019)

Changelog for 0.19.0 (18 July 2019)

Changelog for 0.18.16 (17 July 2019)

Changelog for 0.18.14 (15 July 2019)

Changelog for 0.18.13 (10 July 2019)

Changelog for 0.18.12 (28 June 2019)

Changelog for 0.18.11 (27 June 2019)

Changelog for 0.18.10 (26 June 2019)

Changelog for 0.18.9 (13 June 2019)

Changelog for 0.18.8 (13 June 2019)

Changelog for 0.18.7 (11 June 2019)

Changelog for 0.18.6 (29 May 2019)

Changelog for 0.18.5 (27 May 2019)

Changelog for 0.18.3/0.18.4 (20 May 2019)

Changelog for 0.18.2 (9 May 2019)

Changelog for 0.18.1 (30 April 2019)

Changelog for 0.17.11 (8 April 2019)

Changelog for 0.17.10 (2 April 2019)

Changelog for 0.17.9 (28 March 2019)

Changelog for 0.17.8 (19 March 2019)

Changelog for 0.17.7 (7 March 2019)

Changelog for 0.17.6 (6 March 2019)

Changelog for 0.17.5 (28 February 2019)

Changelog for 0.17.4 (26 February 2019)

Changelog for 0.17.3 (12 February 2019)

Changelog for 0.17.2 (7 February 2019)

Changelog for 0.17.1 (24 January)

Changelog for 0.17.0 (23 January)

Changelog for 0.16.15 (6 December)

Changelog for 0.16.14 (4 December)

Changelog for 0.16.13 (28 November)

Changelog for 0.16.12 (5 November)

Changelog for 0.16.11 (30 October)

Changelog for 0.16.10 (22 October)


Changelog for 0.16.9 (17 October)


Changelog for 0.16.8 (2 October)

Changelog for 0.16.7 (28 September)

Changelog for 0.16.6 (28 September)

Changelog for 0.16.5 (18 September)

Changelog for 0.16.4 (18 September)

Changelog for 0.16.3 (11 September)


Changelog for 0.16.2 (7 September)

Changelog for 0.16.1 (3 September)

Changelog for 0.16.0 (22. August 2018)

Changelog for 0.15.9 (13 August 2018)

Changelog for 0.15.8 (11 August 2018)

Changelog for 0.15.7 (3 August 2018)

Changelog for 0.15.6 (1 August 2018)

Changelog for 0.15.5 (30 Juli 2018)

Changelog for 0.15.4 (6 Juli 2018)

Changelog for 0.15.3 (28 June 2018)

Changelog for 0.15.2 (6 June 2018)

Changelog for 0.15.1 (29 May 2018)

Changelog for 0.15.0 (15 May 2018)

Changelog for 0.14.3 (3 May 2018)

Changelog for 0.14.1 (9 Apr 2018)

Changelog for 0.14.0 (pre-release) (4 Apr 2018)

Changelog for 0.13.6 (26 Mar 2018)

Changelog for 0.13.5 (8 Mar 2018)

Changelog for 0.13.4 (Pre-Release) (6 Mar 2018)

Changelog for 0.13.3 (20 Feb 2018)

Changelog for 0.13.2

Changelog for 0.13.1

Changelog for 0.13.0

Changelog for 0.12.9

Changelog for 0.12.8

Changelog for 0.12.7

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testing: Install the stable release, then go to settings->Vortex and change the update channel to "Beta"

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