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The amazing Things Nexus and modders are doing to Battlefront 2 2017

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All the modding being done is amazing , im having so much fun offline with this in arcade even just testing , this is opens up all kinds of doors for many more amazing game plays in this game, i love this, the modders are Never Ceasing to amaze me with some of the stuff they come up with, i think all dice needs to do at this point is just add Heroes. ships, levels, and new campaign missions along with game modes. and the modders will do anything better with the game ever then the devs can do.... for example . we need a duel wielding saber wielder, ahsoka and ventress, we need obi wan kenobi , we need anakin, grevious , we needa duel pistols character preferably jango fett , and a praetorian guard type , TONS OF stuff the modders can do...  KEEP IT UP GUYS, great job!!!! what do you guys think, do you think the future of battlefront in a positive sense is that , we have more amazing things coming from the modders then the dice? or do you think dice can match the modding community ? 

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