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.hkx file conversion

.hkx conversion ffxiv animation ffxivexplorer

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So i'm using FFXIV Explorer, TexTools, and NinjaRipper and am capable of getting the models i need, textures, and even some of the skeletons (mostly from exporting the various body parts from TexTools).


Unfortunately, there's one thing i haven't been able to accomplish: getting animations into a format i can bring into one of the suits i use.


I've got Maya 2014/2018 (can potentially get any other year from the past 5 years), 3DS Max 2018, Unreal Engine 4, Blender, and Unity 2017.


FFXIV Explorer exports animations as .hkx and skeletons as .sklb.hkx (which i'm assuming is just the same as .hkx). I've looked around and have been trying to find out how to convert the hkx into kf (which i believe can be brought into 3ds) but everything i've tried has yielded no results.


Most recently it was using the hkxcmd but all it does is just open for like 1/2 a second and then close (maybe running it on windows 10 or some other setting or step i'm missing is preventing it from running).


After that it was ConvertUi which, no matter what i do, just says 'converted' but yields no new files in the 'outfolder' (i found this on a skyrim forum...as was everything else located).


If ANYONE can provide a decent process for converting a .hkx into .kf with the files from FFXIV Explorer (from the 030000 index) it would be much appreciated

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