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Fallout - Revolution Series Project

fallout revolution creation kit modding fallout 3

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Fallout - Revolution TV Series Project

Hi everyone,
I'm looking for people interested in working on a mod project based on NBC's Revolution t.v. series.
This is planned to work in FO3.
If you're familiar with the series, than you know why.

First - this is Revolution...
- Rev S1 E1 Trailer

This is my playlist of various episode trailers available on YouTube:

Where you can watch Revolution:

Like all good shows, after season 2 NBC cancelled Revolution, and the story was continued in comic books, plots here:

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(You see why it has to be made  :wink:)

The mod is called Fallout Revolution Project, and we're including as much of this as possible: 

  • All militias, factions, raiders, crazies, etc. (as factions in game, some may be joined others no),
  • All main characters,
  • All major supporting characters (working on getting as many of the actual actors on board as voice actors as possible - wish me luck!).
  • New plots for the Nano, and Faces of the Nano,
  • Philly,
  • Washington,
  • Atlanta,
  • Some of Texas (including Willoughby),
  • Some of Idaho,
  • Chicago,
  • New Vegas (Rev's style :wink:),
  • The Tower,
  • (Basically all the towns from S1 and S2 of Revolution. Also camps, and lots of on the road locations to run to).


  • Will be starting the mod in S1 (with flashbacks to before the blackout),
  • Continuing on through S2,
  • And including some of the comics as S3, but may not keep all of the comics' storylines because I want to stay a little closer to the original intended plot (especially if i get a hold of some of the actors or creator who can discuss some of the original plot for S3). If I can't get them on board, no biggie, we have some great ideas that would work for S3.

While a lot of the show's plots from S1 and S2 will be worked in (and some not), we're also adding more plots, to make the mod unique from the show.

We need more peeps for the following:

  • FO3 GECK, or CK Experts, or those willing to learn
  • Level Creators,
  • Animators,
  • 3D Modelers,
  • Concept Artists,
  • Writers,
  • Researchers,
  • Texture and Mesh Artists,
  • Papyrus Scripting / Coders,
  • Voice Actors,
  • Sound Engineer,

I don't know how much you know about Revolution, these can give you a brief on it, but if you like FO anyway, then this mod would just mean... a bigger FO lol!

Revolution References:

We're using Trello and Discord for project management.

**Come check out our Trello https://trello.com/b/b3htpxfF to see where we're at.**

It was suggested that I mention a bit about myself, so...

Here's my portfolio https://anathemastudio.net

My alt username on Nexus Mods is Anathemastudio.

I'm currently working on my second Master's degree, this one is Web Design and New Media, the first in Fine Art, the Bachelor's in Digital Art. I've been teaching web and graphic design and related in higher education since 2007, and working on a couple small mods, or helping with others, over the years - nothing big, but I would like to change that. ;)

Thanks and have a good one everyone!

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This mod is being focused only Fallout 3, though, due to the nature of Revolution, there may be some file conversions from Fallout New Vegas. Fallout 4 will not be used.

Since Revolution has most of the cities on the East Coast, it's more appropriate.


If you're still interested in joining us, check out our Trello board site https://trello.com/b/b3htpxfF  to see where we're at, and message me here.


Have a good one!

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(Check out our rusty new logo!)
Peeps is working on an epic-size story arc for the Fallout Revolution Mod Project, and the Wasteland couldn't get any more twisted.
Building on Fallout 3, no I mean Fallout New Vegas, no I meant... BOTH?! Yeah, we'll take what we can get, and we're getting bits from all of the post-apocalyptic thunderdomes in both (You old enough to know what the thunderdome was?), and Revolution is coming with us to the Wasteland.
But do they know it? Or are they asleep in a vault somewhere under the ever vigilant eye of the Nano.
Ben knows.
Wait - Ben's still alive?! What about Rachel and Tom? 
Yeah, I think we're just gonna ignore that last lil bit of Rev as literature, and see where the colliding worlds take us.
Oh, and...
If you're into that, COME JOIN US https://trello.com/b/b3htpxfF (see what peeps is doin').
You think you know somethin' 'bout somethin'? Come sit down with some joe and prove it.

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Looks awesome




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Thanks :)
We're still looking for more peeps to help, if you're interested, please contact me.

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