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Mod Idea: Zaeed Loyalty mission timer

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Does anyone get fed up by the fact that in Zaeed's mission you either have to choose to let the workers in the facility die in order to kill Vido and earn Zaeed's loyalty, and if you choose to save the workers, then no matter how quick you are, Vido gets away and you have to have enough paragon points in order to get Zaeed's loyalty leaving him dissatisfied on getting his revenge. I don't know about you, but this honestly makes me feel as though the game isn't immersive enough, because from the in game dialogue, it makes it sound like that killing Vido is a matter of being quick rather than just taking the time to save some people or abandoning them.

So what I propose is that someone with modding experience to change Zaeed's loyalty to having a timer, where if you get to Vido before the timer runs out, then the cutscene where Zaeed kills him triggers and you earn his loyalty, but if you get to Vido after the timer runs out, it'll trigger the cutscene where Vido gets away and you have to use a paragon check in order to get his loyalty, that way it'll not only make the game more immersive, but it will make it actually look as though your decision really does matter, that way you can choose to kill Vido, giving Zaeed the satisfaction he has been looking forward to for years, and can also save the innocent workers in the process.

If anyone can do this or know if it is possible at all, then please let me know what you think.

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