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pt-br translation traduć§ć£o en-us traduzir software programa portugues brazil brasil

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Can someone make a brazilian portuguese translation of the game? I know there are a few on the internet, but they dont cover the DLCs. They used google translator and have a lot of erros. Or can someone teach me how to do it? I searched for it, but I could only find for specific games or tutorials that were not so good.


Alguem pode fazer uma traduçao do jogo para portugues brazileiro? Eu sei que existem algumas na internet, mas elas nao traduzem as DLCs. Usam o google tradutor e tem muitos erros. Ou alguem pode me ensinar como fazer? Eu pesquisei, mas só consegui achar pra jogos especificos ou tutorials que nao eram muito bons.




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I'm gonna throw out a wild guess on what you'd need to translate if you wanted to tackle it.


This is just meant to point out some of the text I see that can be translated.

fire up the construction set, load up oblivion,

Hit Character in the menu bar (or hit Alt then C)

in that menu, looks like most of the stuff that needs to be translated

can originate from that menu.

Scope out Skills and look at what the text boxes hold

then from that same menu, check out the other selections.


Outside of the construction set,

you'll need to browse through your oblivion/data/menu directory.

Look for files in that directory and its sub directory that

go by the name Strings

Its easier to open those up in notepad plus and edit the text from there.

sccreeeetchh  put on my brakes.

YOu'll have to get a program to view Oblivion's files

they were compressed into bsa files

guess you can think of it like 7zip files

but they have to be opened with a

particular program.

I've used BSAopt before

now, back to the file editiing

find the String files and edit them like so...


      <_myTextInEnglish> Hey, my text is in English </_myTextInEnglish>


The part you'd translate is in the middle.   "Hey, my text is in English"

leave the other stuff alone thats in  these symbols  < >


My mod is going to have a String file just in case someone wants to translate to something else.

So in mine,  I need the text "New" to show up on screen.

So my code looks like....


<_new> New </_new>


and (if my google translate skills are worth a flip) you'd translate it to

<_new> Novo </_new>


I just hope that someones translation for one of my words is not a mile long.

<_new> BrandSpankingNewAndShiney </_new>

This would probably look really messed up considering how much room I've left

for the word New


Hopefully this can get you started in a general direction.

Sorry I can't be any more help.




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Thanks a lot, Journeyman, I'll try as soon as possible

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