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NW Open Season as Faction Raid

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If Preston hates the raiders at Nuka World so much and considers them a threat to the Commonewealth, then as the General, I should be able to round up a posse of Minutemen and storm the place. A raid like the one we did on the Institute, or that the Railroad or Institute did on the Prydwin.
I have We Are the Minutemen, and Iâd love nothing more than to head in their and go to war.
One idea that I had was maybe a special flare that works from just outside Nuka Town, calls 5x number of MM as usual and for a much longer duration. Then, after the job is done, MM patrols hang around to keep order.
For BoS a special Vertibird signal, for Institute a special teleportation beacon (Lord almighty, Coursers just wrecking face). RR would be left out because theyâd only care if the slaves were synths.
Doing Open Season on Survival (only way I play) is nigh impossible (I also run with Difficulty and Realism, so sponging bullets is not an option). Plus, this would be fun as hell to RP.
I appreciate all the work the Modders do so that technodunces like me can get more out of this game.

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