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Runeskyr's Furnace Upgrades

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Are you a miner? Do you like ore?



But are you tired of having 5 storage buildings lined wall to wall with furnaces? Getting Carpal Tunnel from hours of running and clicking to get your stacks of Iridium Ore smelted?



That's why I've come up with a solution: Upgradable Furnaces! Now you'll be able to smelt piles of ore with much less wasted space!


Note: I only have the graphics made so far, and I have very little knowledge on how the coding process works for the game. The plan is to allow for recipes to open up for the furnaces depending on your mining level.




        Furnace         Copper Furnace     Iron Furnace       Gold Furnace       Iridium Furnace




Mining Level: Starting Furnace

Materials: 20 Copper Ore, 25 Stone

Use: Use 5 ore and 1 coal to make 1 bar.



Copper Furnace

Mining Level: 2

Materials: 20 Copper Bar, 25 Stone

Use: Use 25 ore and 5 coal to make 5 bars.



Iron Furnace

Mining Level: 4

Materials: 20 Iron Bar, 25 Stone

Use: Use 50 ore and 10 coal to make 10 bars.



Gold Furnace

Mining Level: 6

Materials: 20 Gold Bar, 25 Stone

Use: Use 250 ore and 50 coal to make 50 bars.



Iridium Furnace

Mining Level: 8

Materials: 20 Iridium Bar, 1 Prismatic Shard, 25 Stone

Use: Use 500 ore and 100 coal to make 100 bars.



Now you can smelt entire stacks of ore with just a few clicks! (As soon as I teach myself how to code it all properly. Any help there is appreciated.)


I'd love to hear feedback on my concept.




Biggest Issue:
I'm currently trying to find the line of code that tells what is put in where and what is the result, like with the furnace and Kegs, this way I can plug my recipes in, but I can't even find the file where it is.




Made the recipes a bit more simple, as I was apparently over-complicating them with the furnaces in the recipe.

Right now I'm attempting to decipher some of the crafting code. First in the BigCraftablesInformation.yaml file. Seems to be the data involving the in game sprite as well as item information.


 13: "Furnace/50/-300/Crafting -9/Turns ore and coal into metal bars./true/true/0" #!String

I've figured out that the "13:" in this line is in conjunction with the Craftables.png, to determine the sprite used.

I can't seem to find any guides involving making things like this, so any additional information would be appreciated.





Did a little more digging, and made some discoveries.


Someone probably also found these, but I couldn't find them. So I'm posting it here.


CraftingRecipes.yaml has the data on how to craft, obviously, but I also believe I have determined the majority of what the code line is.


    Furnace: "378 20 390 25/Home/13/true/l 2" #!String


The first four numbers work in conjunction with the ObjectInformation.yaml file. The first number being the "Item Number" and the second number being the "Quantity" of that item. The third number is the item code for the next item needed to craft the furnace, followed by the quantity being the fourth.


In the ObjectInformation.yaml file, Item number "378" is Copper Ore and the "20" after it indicates that 20 Copper Ore are needed to craft a furnace. Next number, "390" on the item list is Stone, with "25" being the number of stone needed. This means that through the line of code, you need 20 Copper Ore and 25 Stone to craft the furnace. But, anyone who has crafted the Furnace can confirm this.


Continuing: Past these numbers is a slash, followed by the word "Home".


"Home" indicates that the item can be placed in your house. I also noticed that objects like "Wooden Fence" have "Field" instead, indicating that it can only be used outside. At least this seems to be the most logical possibility.


After the next slash is the number "13". It took me a moment to figure this one out, but that number is not found in the ObjectInformation.yaml file, but in the BigCraftablesInformation.yaml file. Matching up with the item information explained earlier, as well as the image texture.


On the next part it has the word "True". For a little while, I had no idea what that meant. As i started looking at the code, i began to realize that objects like the Furnace, Chest, and Seed Maker had "True" in that line of code, but objects like Iridium Sprinklers, Bomb, and Stone floor have "False" in it's place. I've determined that this indicates whether or not an item can be stacked. "True" indicating that the item cannot be stacked, while "False" means it can.


Last line was a bit tricky, until I looked at other lines, which had things like "Farming 3" and "Foraging 9" It was easy to determine what that meant. This indicated the requirement to learning the recipe.


In Conclusion:


The line of code in the CraftingRecipes.yaml file has been decoded.

Furnace: "378 20 390 25/Home/13/true/l 2" #!String

Name of item:

"Materials Needed (item number, quantity, next item number, quantity...)

/Where it can be placed/Graphic and Item information indicator/

Stackable (true for not stackable)/

Requirement for learning the recipe ("Mining 2" for getting the recipe by reaching level 2 in Mining)." #!String


Also, the order of the Crafting Recipes list represents the order they are displayed in the crafting menu, meaning I'll be putting my furnaces right under the starting one.

I hope this helps others, and anything else that can be added would also be appreciated. Also let me know if this is better explained elsewhere. Provide a link to that.

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Thank you for your research into the crafting recipes format. Couldn't for the life of me find out what "Home/Field" or the "true/false" parameters were for.

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