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FIX CTD, this may work for you (not mod conflicts ctd)

ctd nuka world nuka world ui user interface crash crash to desktop

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For me it started with the Nuka world crash, you would approach the zone and get CTD every time,

after hunting all over for a Fix i found 2 things that seam to crash a lot of folks (not counting mod conflicts)


#1. is UI-keybinds, #2. Is water enhancements ,


# 1. UI, a lot like my self will change the key-map, like i use ENTER on my laptop instead of (E) for use key

anyhow seams this BUGS a lot of things out, this MOD/PATCH FIXED it for me, may fix any entering, using, and opening, CTD

and don't really even have to use the custom HUD changes, seams to MASK custom key-binds, meaning you will see

"hit (E) to open" how ever your key-bind for USE (enter) will still work, for some they had to clean save load,save,reload

but just the mod it self fixed it for me.




#2. Water Texture Enhancements, if your getting a CTD wile loading from one zone to the next, this might be why

haven't run into my self , but seams quite a few have and well simple fix


"Turn off your enhanced water or Texture Enhancements "

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