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[MOD REQUEST] Dice Game Tweaks?

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am I right?


While the story and combat are great in KC:D, one of my absolute favourite pastimes in the game is Farkle. It's addicting!

The only three issues I have with the mini-game are these:

  • Most NPCs get up and leave after losing a few games (and sometimes just after 1 game)
  • The score limit is 2000 (which is way to easy to get reach)
  • The fact that the NPCs skip over so many scoring opportunities. There was one time where the guy had snake eyes,
    two fives, and a six. You know what he did? He took only one of the fives and then re-rolled smh

So is it possible to get the NPCs to stay at the table, change their skill level, and push the score limit on the game? I haven't

looked around the files to see if the score limit is able to be changed in just a few .xml adjustments (which I doubt it is but it

doesn't hurt to look) but the others are something that seem harder.


Anyway, thanks in advance if one of you do manage to change any of these! 

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