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Sleeping Dogs Outfits ports

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I like to sometimes add a little eastern flair to my characters. Whether it's roaming around in monk robes and taking out dragons with my fists with the Drunken Master theme in the background or go full Mifune with the blades armor and a nice two handed blade.


And while there are some cool mods out there that add to to that, hothtrooper44's Akaviri Samurai Armor or kevinchen1982's Chinese Armors and Weapons.


There's even a few ports here and there though I've never actually seen any for Sleeping Dogs, one of my favorite open world games out there just after Red Dead Redemption.


Maybe no one ever thought of it. Maybe not many Skyrim modders have played it, let alone own it? Maybe because the game is a modern GTA-esque crime drama? Well, tank tops and sub-machine guns aside some of the unlockable outfits and dlc packs do hold a few things I wouldn't mind to see in the land of Skyrim.


Now follows a few examples: (Oh. By the way. Light armor and Clothing variants, please. WIth maybe a unarmed bonus for those that make the most sense. Personal preference of mine. Maybe one handed bonus for the more armor looking ones)




Name: Shen Zen.

Let's start with a simple one. Simple but effective. Shirtless, pants, socks and those Chinatown shoes you see in martial arts movies all the time but that really sucks when you try to use them in the gym.
(Go ahead, try. You'll either break your neck or see the thing fly off your foot and hit that hottie by the weights in the back of their head)

Why? Well, YOU GET TO LOOK LIKE BRUCE LEE MAN. THE DRAGON- Oh, The Dragon. Heh, get it? Because you play as the dragonbor-

Add some nice hand wraps and maybe a bandanna from Immersive Armors as suitable additions for hands and head respectively and you got a great outfit for those barfights.

Sure, it might look a little modern.. but considering those kind of pants and shoes have showed up in a lot of historical martial arts fiction you could just hand wave it as ancient akiviri casual clothing replicas or something. Or maybe traditional orc/khajiit clothing?

Eh, who cares. It's at least more lore friendly than your chainmail bikini mods, pervert~





Name: Monk Robes (Consider renaming it as Unarmed Monk Robes or Unarmed Master Robes since Skyrim Already has Monk Robes. NO REPLACE. BAD MODDER)

Alright so these aren't a must for me but someone might enjoy it? Shaolin monk robes in a nice sexy red color scheme and some very vintage looking leather.. sandals? Huh, looks rather Roman. Eh, I'm not a historian..

Again, might want to add something for the hands and head if you want that full set bonus. Though these would probably work best as clothes with a nice red monk hood and mage armor perk.

What else can I say? Probably the most lore friendly so far, wouldn't be too surprised if I saw a monk in these.




Name: Bon Gak

Ah yeah, this one is perfect for a unarmed martial artist in Skyrim. Cloth shorts and ropes around the arms. Extremely simple and perfectly lore friendly. Maybe foot wraps and something for the head for those light armor full set perks?
Of course, this is also a movie reference outfit like the first one. To Ong Bak to be more precise. Great Muay Thai movie with Tony Jaa showing off his actual fighting skills. Mmm, good film.

Oh yeah. Uh. This one, please? I really like it, would be great for those underground fight pit mods. You know the ones.




Name: Hog Pen Row

Another one I don't especially care about but it's rather nice. Maybe a little too modern looking for Skyrim standards but like I said before, I've seen way less lore friendly outfits out there.

Kung Fu Hustle is a good movie though.




Name: Wing Chun Master (Consider renaming it to Unarmed Master or something more lore friendly)

Uuuuuh, I just had a nerdgasm.

Did I mention I really f***ing love martial arts movies? Let me add to that, I REALLY f***ing LOVE THE IP MAN MOVIES.

That and this outfit just- Ugh. Classic traditional chinese shirt/coat, also known as changshan. The rolled up sleeves, the lack of your usual modern looking buttons in favor for.. I don't know, straps? Ropes?
f*** if I know, I'm not fashion expert. I just know what looks cool and this? Simple, again, but SO effective.

Lore friendly? Well, I'd say so. Probably on par with those Hentai Chinese dress mods, you know the ones, but the lack of stereotypical dragon prints just makes this one more.. vintage? Believable?

Well, I wouldn't bat an eye on a khajiit or someone wearing this. I'd just kill that npc fast as hell to steal his clothes. Joink.





Name: Unknown Warrior

Go watch Hero. It's not a suggestion, it's an order. Awesome Wuxia martial arts movie. f*** it's good.

This one would be great for light armor I think, as well as a one handed bonus. Maybe two handed?

Honestly though, this one looks lore friendly as all hell. It wouldn't be too wierd to see a student hoping to become one of the Blades wearing this.. or maybe someone studying the gods and their old legends?

Nothing for the hands though. Hand wraps again? Or maybe recolored gloves? You'll figure it out, I'm at your mercy oh awesome modders.





Name: Drunken Fist

Downloading the Drunken Master mod from the steam workshop is a must for this one. It's the closest we can get to the awesomeness that is Jackie Chan or the cool new attack animations that the outfit adds to Sleeping Dogs.
Of course, that's probably impossible to import to Skyrim without changing the unarmed animations to use the Drunken Fist ones. Probably too much work so the outfit itself is good enough for me.

Light armor and clothing variant, unarmed bonus. Get drunk and punch the f*** out of a dragon. Please.

Oh and yeah, besides the question about the pants and the shoes again those robes on the torso are super lore friendly. Give please!






Name: Sun Wukong (Change name to Monkey Armor if you want to be extra lore friendly)

Ooooh yeah, look at that. This is perfect as a full light armor. Bracers, boots, chest armor and even a mask for a helmet! AND LOOK AT THAT. A WEAPON.

That wooden staff would be perfect as a two handed weapon, warhammer maybe? Just imagine wearing this and fighting ancient evils in some forgotten temple.

E-f***ing-pic. Two handed bonus, maybe unarmed just for fun. And the weapon can have some extra damage towards undead or/and maybe cause magicka damage to be a good defense against mages.

This one is probably a must. If you change the name it's essentially lore friendly, though you could always add a small side quest about it being some rare armor set dedicated to a forgotten god or something?

Or maybe the Dwemer made it. WHO CARES. GIVE ME PLZ.





Name: Shaolin Warrior (To be Extra Lore Friendly, change to Unarmed Warrior. Huh, that's rather generic. If you can figure out something cooler, be my guest)

Common mistake to make but I'll make this clear. THIS IS NOT A KUNG FU HUSTLE REFERENCE. If you believe that then let me explain, the scene with the shoe maker is actually a reference in of itself to a super rad kung fu classic.

The 36th Chamber of Shaolin. Gosh that movie is just a beauty. The scenery, the fights..

Oh yeah, the outfit. Those rings/bracers should definitely have an unarmed bonus, maybe the outfit as well? Man don't those rings just look cool? They're actually not weapons as Kung Fu Hustle makes you believe, but training equipment to be used as weights for your fore arms.
Hmn. Okay, new plan. The outfit and maybe the shoes add a unarmed bonus. But the rings give you a bonus experience in.. s***, unarmed is not a skill tree...
Light Armor! Yeah, if you get the Ordinator Perk overhaul your light armor skill adds to your unarmed bonus! So the rings should give bonus experience to light armor, allowing you to level it up faster!
Doesn't that make perfect sense?? The rings are a set training equipment and should reflect that in the game!
Ah, that makes me feel smart. Eh, it's probably stupid but I think it would be a cool bonus.

Oh and.. I don't know. Head bandages for the head? Or just Immersive Armors bandanna again?





Name: Lightning Warrior Outfit (Akaviri Lightning Warrior Armor? Akaviri Lightning Armor? Or just Lightning Warrior Armor? Eh, you figure it out)

Ah drat, ALMOST A FULL SET. Maybe a reskinned leather helmet? Something Chinese looking, I don't know.

Anyways, bracers and boots and a sweet set of robes. Ignore the hair, unless you really want to add that to the racemenu. Would look great for a anime protagonist, I admit.

Yeah I think it looks great. That steel look on the boots and bracers makes it fit in just right in Skyrim. And hey, A WEAPON. Lightning damage, duh.

And the armor should probably have a one handed bonus, since you might want to use it with the sword. That sword would probably look great with some of the other outfits listed above.

But yeah, I like it. It's also a movie refence but I have a hard time finding the film it's a tribute to. You've seen it? Tell me if it's any good and how my poor European soul can get a glimpse of it.



And.. huh. I think that's all the ones I would like to see being ported!
I mean yeah, you might want the Agent 47 outfit or figure out how to make the Bronze Warrior wearable but these were my personal favorites I would love to be able to use in the land of the Nords.

Ultimately this is nothing but a suggestion, a hopeful request. I'm not a modder myself but I know even the most simple of mods take time to make. Time and money.

So I'm not expecting anything and I'm not going to *censored* and moan if I don't get what I want. But I would appreciate it, highly.


That and uhm, Oldrim? Please? Make it Special Edition if you personally want that but do consider Oldrim as well, since it's the only version I can play as of right now.


OH WAIT I ALMOST FORGOT. This isn't an outfit per say, but it is a costume piece that exist in sleeping dogs. Might look great with one of the previously mentioned outfits!




Name: Assassin Straw Hat

This HAS to be lore friendly, right? Maybe it should be craftable at the leather tanning section? And maybe you could find the hat in the Dark Brotherhood base??

It might be a good addition to the Wing Chun Master or maybe the Lightning Warrior?

But yeah I think that hat would look nice in the game. Ultimately, that's the end of my requests.


I appreciate you for taking your time to read this. Hopefully someone might be interested to make this real, or not. Only time will tell.



And with all of that out of the way I leave you with this rather surprising but cute Skyrim Reference as presented in the Sleeping Dogs game:


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